Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mega-Rant: Homewreckers

Dear Melissa Muppetface,
I noticed you giving me the fish-eye from across the way the other night and honestly found it quite humorous. That you, home-wrecking, friendship slashing wench that you are, had the audacity to think you had any valid reasons to level me with such a distasteful look when it is my child and myself that have been wronged.

I was barely 4 months pregnant with your present boyfriends child, when you decided to cast your line into my wading pool. We were attempting to get along and make things right for the sake of our child when you caught him; hook, line and sinker. You, who seemingly came out of nowhere, didn't give a damn that he had previous obligations, and a child on the way..

I tried to approach you like an adult and you just laughed. You were told he had a child on the way and you pushed yourself further into his focus.

The baby came, and he showed up the birth; you couldn't stand it and within a few short weeks had him right where you wanted him. Our conversations got nastier and less frequent. He didn't see his daughter again until a month later because you claimed you didn't trust him to be alone with me.

Well, how could you have known that you had cause to be worried, after-all he'd never been faithful a day in any relationship he'd ever been in.

When it seemed that the stormy weather was passing and we tried yet again to be cordial, you couldn't stand it. You broke up, every few weeks it seemed, but when the thought of him being around our daughter with me crossed your mind, you made a tearful apology and snapped him right back up again but..

That wasn't enough. His friends found out about his lies and his manipulations. They tried to make their friendship last but in the end his loss was my gain. I gained two wonderful friends..that you couldn't stand him to associate with so long as they were friends with me..So you worked your magic and soon alienated him from his friends as well.

I tried to be reasonable and I tried to reason with you..but a handful of heated emails back and forth earned me nothing but your determination to further sever the ties between our little group. forward to the last 7 months. Your wish has been granted. He has all but labeled his daughter a plague, his friends traitors and myself..well its obvious how he thinks of me.

So giving me your dirty little looks from across the are lucky I'm the bigger person in this little scenario of ours. I didn't give you the time of day. I didn't show you any obscene gestures and I didn't provoke a scene..but I'm not backing down.

If I want to spend time with my friends, at their house, I'm will. Truth be told, you are only making things harder on yourself. You can't see past your lovesick smoke screen and see what an tangled web you've weaved for yourself and for THAT I PITY you.

I'm sure you once had a good image. People could look at you and know you were a nice, good girl. Now, when people look at you all they can see is the image you've created: Jealous, naive, manipulative, homewrecker.

I've asked myself this question a million times and have never been able to figure it out..What type of girl, no, woman would knowingly enter into a relationship with someone who she knew had a child on the way. That left his pregnant girlfriend, and within days was looking for a replacement. What kind of woman would give a scumbag like that the time of day..when by her own volition admitted to having her own Father do the same to her.

How can you form a relationship with someone like that? Make excuses, systematically destroy almost every relationship he's had and be able to look at yourself in the mirror and NOT be sick to your stomach. Knowing that he has an infant daughter out there, growing up without him and without any financial support. What type of woman are you?!

Well, I'll tell you..You are a dirty, no good, thieving, heartless, twisted, jealous piece of trash. No better than the loser you've hitched your wagon to.

I very rarely wish ill on anyone, but girl you don't want to know the plagues and disease I wish on you. Skank.

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  1. wow! don't hold back...tell us how you REALLY feel!