Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mommy Katie is Hosting Another Giveaway: Conair!

I really must have hit the Jackpot tonight. Mommy Katie has tons of giveaway's listed on her page, and this is just ONE of the many I've stumbled upon tonight. 

Mommy Katie is hosting a giveaway for one lucky winner to receive an Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Brush. 

I was raised by 7 brothers. My life lessons revolved on how to fight and act 'manly'. Needless to say, at 22 I'm still as clueless about doing my  hair as I was years ago when I was being groomed to be another Brother. I'm always looking for new, easy ways to manage my hair and when I ran across this giveaway by Mommy Katie, I knew I had to enter for a chance to win the Infiniti Pro! If you are anything like me, or just the opposite, head over to Mommy Katie's Blog and enter yourself in her giveaway. I'm eagerly waiting for the winner to be announced! 


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