Friday, December 13, 2013

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We as people go to great lengths to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm. We purchase vehicles with the greatest safety ratings available, we arm our homes with the latest technologies meant to ward off and protect against intruders, keep first-aid kits close at hand in case of emergencies and take a no-substance stance against harmful products like cigarettes and alcohol.

Our efforts to protect ourselves against harm are all well and good but are we really doing as much as we should be? For example, there is one leading cause in the deaths of men and women in the US that is most often overlooked and that, folks, is Heart Disease.

Every year in the US 600,000 deaths are caused by heart disease in men and women. More than half of that number is heart disease in MEN.

Heart Disease is the number one killer in American and treatment i.e medications are among the most expensive in the world. Heart Disease is the silent killer we never see coming. Learn the early signs of Heart Disease and what you can do to minimize the risk to you or your loved ones!

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