Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spoil Your Pooch Rotten This Christmas with Signature Bonz US 12/15

Lets be honest, shall we? You stuffed yourself silly at Thanksgiving, didn't you? You ate an entire turkey leg to yourself, flooded your mashed potatoes with gravy and ate so much green bean casserole that you had to walk around with your jeans unbuttoned for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

So, now that we've admitted to be absolutely spoiled rotten with all the delicious food that was cooked and brought to the table so far this holiday season lets dive right into the point, shall we? I know you've seen them sitting there, with their eyes trained on your plates and their noses lifted in the air, drawing in the scents of your meal. They've been patient and they've begged and yet they've made off with only the unwanted scraps off your plate.

Oh, yes, I'm talking about your oh-so-loyal canine. You've been spoiling yourself but where's the love for your best bud, your partner in crime? Give the dog a literal bone this year or better yet give them Signature Bonz!

Signature Bonz was created by a mother and daughter team, who were dedicated to making a healthy dog treat that their canine would actually eat. She was one to not even sniff at the ordinary dog bone. After years of mastering delicious, all natural dog treats, that their dog just loved, they decided to focus on appearance. Signature Bonz now creates delicious edible works of art that bring fun to treat giving for both pet parent and their dog. From a unique doggie birthday cakes and delicious dog treat pastries, to custom dog treats, you will be sure to find a treat to satisfy your furry friends needs.

"Be still my heart! These were exactly the kind of treats my heart had been longing for! Now, I no longer have to feel like I'm inadvertently treating my furkids like second class citizens here in the lost world! The box of mixed Christmas treats were so dog-gone cute and apparently pretty tasty because the dogs gobbled them down in an instant! I love the fact that Signature Bonz has Hanukkah treats and savory offerings as well You can even order your pets' birthday cake from them!" Read Jayedee's full review at Life in the Lost World here!

To learn more or order some holiday treats for your own furkids, please visit Signature Bonz on Etsy. They'd love to connect with you via their Facebook and Twitter pages too!

The wonderful folks at Signature Bonz would like to offer one of you lucky readers a chance to win a cute holiday assortment of doggie treats too (yours may differ from those shown above but will be equally adorable and tasty!) Just get those entries in on the Rafflecopter form below and stay tuned!

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  1. I like the cannolis and the pocket bites, but I know my dog would love EVERYTHING! :)