Sunday, October 16, 2011

Introducing: The Covillo!

A nightly ritual for me lately has been checking out Mommy Katie's blog, and scanning through the Reviews&Giveaway's she hosts. I'm addicted. Tonight I happened to be browsing through and came across the "Covillo" review and giveaway she is currently hosting. I fell in love, and yes, I coveted.

"What is a Covillo?" you might ask. Well, its only one of essential items every Breast Feeding Mother SHOULD have.

At 5 months I am still a very dedicated Breast Feeding Mother, but like many women out there, privacy is an issue while out in public when the need to feed arises. I have a breast feeding cover but am always struggling to keep myself covered. Accidents happen: Sophia is very grabby and often entangles herself in the cover, leaving me exposed and embarrassed. The Covillo is the answer to my prayers! It fits over your shoulders, and covers EVERYTHING. No accidents, no embarrassment.

Sounds good, right?

Head on over to Mommy Katie's Blog and take a peek at this amazing breakthrough in Nursing Covers. You'll be hooked.


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