Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kleenex and Tissue Paper: Not just for Colds and Clean Tooshies!

When I think of Kleenex I immediately picture raw noses, glassy eyes and a large side order of Nyquil. Cherry Nyquil, not that horrid green swill I grew up on.

When I picture toilet paper my mind inevitably conjures up this moving sequence of the bathroom door opening, and the camera of my mind zooming in to a pearly white toilet, with the bling of 2-3 perfectly placed sparkles.

Of course, lately I've come to think of Kleenex and toilet paper in a different way: Mops with which I dry my leaky eyes with. Evidence of my treacherous tear ducts. Soft cushions of comfort to my over worked and grief-stricken eyeballs. the months since Baby Sophie made her arrival, I have been a sniffling, tear-leaking mess.

I used to pride myself in being emotionally collected. Sad movies didn't phase me. Tv shows with heart-wrenching deaths, or tragic situations made me laugh. It was all so corny.

I mean, I can't even watch the Lion King without getting choked up..and I don't mean during the scene where Mufasa died, or even when Simba ran from his homeland after his Father died. I mean rewind to the very beginning where Rafiki is walking a baby Simba up Pride Rock. I cried buckets!

I've watched Sophie's progress during the last 7 months and when I think of how big she is or see one of her tiny little onsies she's long since outgrown, I get all misty eyed and distraught.

*Heaves large, over dramatic sigh*

What has become of me?

The answer is very clear and right in front of my little irish nose............

I've become a Mother. I'd even go one better and say I've become a better human being. My entire life I never really understood the emotions of others. Sadness, anger, happiness etc. I could understand..but this constant gut wrenching thing going on inside of me since my girl was born..its all brand new and I'm thankful for it.

So, so long to the boring old uses for Kleenex and toilet paper. I'm a new me and I've got something fantastic to wipe my eyes with!!


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