Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Oh my Fondant!

I've never been a master in the kitchen. I can follow directions on the back of a box as well as the next person but I've never, ever been able to whip up gourmet deserts or mouth watering dinners..

Nevertheless I have decided it is my life's mission to decorate cakes for a living. Thus far I have only decorated 1 batch of cupcakes but have decided to take on the task of creating for my niece, who, today, turned 19.

It will be a simple cake, 3 layers with butter-cream icing and a little bit of fondant but I am still very eager and anxious about putting this cake together over the weekend. I've had visions of creating a cake for my daughters 1st Birthday in May so I'll be viewing this upcoming endeavor as a practice run.

I'm seriously hoping it won't be a complete disaster and will be udating this post after its finished so everyone can see my very first decorated cake ;)

Until then!


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