Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Educational Toys Planet Review

I've always had the hardest time picking out toys appropriate for our Sophie's age group. I'm usually torn between toddler toys that are just "fun" or just "educational." This year I was especially focused on finding a toy that was made up of both options but let me tell you: Its a nightmare to stand in the toy department agonizing over the hundreds of choices.

Amazingly enough I was given an awesome toy to review by Educational Toys Planet that provided both factors that I had been looking for! Not only was it educational but it was fun for Sophie to play with as well. She's been so happy with the product we reviewed, its hard to imagine it was an educationally stimulating product.

The ABC Melody Maker has been an awesome toy to have in our home. Its many functions were great for Sophie, who not only loves to plunk away on the 10 note keyboard but also loves to interact with the sounds of the Alphabet as well. Many hours of her day were, amazingly enough, spent ignoring Dora on TV and interacting with her Melody maker.

The best part of the ABC Melody Maker was that its great for kids of all ages. Sophie's older cousins even spent time hiding it away from her and playing on it. I'm not ashamed to say I even played around with it a day or two myself!

If you love toys for your kiddo's that are not only educational but fun also, Educational Toys Planet has a wide range of toys to choose from.

Additionally, if you're in the process of teaching your child the letters and sounds of the Alphabet, Educational Toys Planet also has a whole section of Alphabet oriented toys designed especially for that purpose.

I can say for sure that I'd love to shop with Educational Toys Planet. Its the place to go for all your Educational and Fun toy purposes, especially since Christmas is right around the corner again!


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