Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oogave Review

I'm not going to lie, I'm a Soda fanatic. I will never turn down a glass of ice cold Cola and am guilty of frequent trips to the convenience stores to grab the biggest size fountain cup and fill it to the tippy-top.

Although Cola and I have been seeing each other for quite some time we are not exclusive; I've been seeing other Soda's, trying to break away from my unhealthy relationship and try something new. So far I've suffered one disappointment after another in my quest to find the perfect refresher due to my inability to compromise. I refuse to trade the delicious taste and crispness of my current relationship for some old run of the mill "healthy soda!"

Just as I was about to give up hope and go back to my old ways I found Oogave. I was saved!

I was sent a free VIP voucher for a 4 pack of Oogave and came home from our local Health Food store with 4 bottles of Watermelon Cream. Still skeptical that all "healthy" soda would only leave me disappointed and with a bitter after-taste, I filled a glass with ice and poured a bottle.

I was wonderfully surprised when my first taste was only of crisp watermelon goodness. There wasn't a single hint of the bitterness I despised in other natural Soda's and the carbonation factor was perfect. The 2nd sip was just as delicious and I made short work of the first bottle; I didn't even think twice about going back for a refill.

Needless to say my 4pc of Oogave didn't last very long.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to try ALL of Oogave's delicious sounding flavors but I was very delighted with the Watermelon Cream and can't wait till I'm back in the area so I can pick up another case..or two!

 Goodbye stevia and cane sugar, Oogave is naturally sweetened with agave nectar and is my new favorite!

As an added bonus to their faithful consumers/fans visit their site to nab yourself a FREE (plus a teensy S&H fee) Oogave T-shirt!

To learn more about Oogave, their products and their History you can find them online.

Oogavé is available in natural grocery stores and thoughtful restaurants in all 50 States and you can use the nifty store locator to find a product distributor near you!

You can also follow them via Facebook and on Twitter.


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