Friday, November 30, 2012

Wedding Favor Boxes Galore!

Now that you've gone through the process of picking out wedding favors that best reflect your theme and/or tastes you're ready to start the task of choosing the perfect wedding favor boxes to store your guests mementos in.

Much like the favors themselves wedding favor boxes come in a large variety to choose from and can easily be picked to match your weddings theme. Putting the finishing touches on your favors has never been easier with the options available to you.

I can only imagine the horror of the guests when they realize they've left a token/memento behind or the anguish of the Bride upon seeing how many favors turned up lost or were accidentally left behind; another one of the perks to picking out your matching favor box is that such incidents such as misplaced or forgotten mementos are greatly reduced. Your guests and the Bride can sleep easy knowing that the carefully chosen favors are safe and sound with the intended persons.

Wedding favor boxes don't just have one use either, there's more in store for these charming little boxes than storing your favors. You can also use them as storage for once the Cake has been cut. Guests can choose from enjoying their cake during the ceremony or even decide to take a piece home, nestling their slice of deliciousness in their favor box.

Wedding favor boxes come in a variety of colors and sizes as well and can even be personalized or jazzed up with bits of ribbon to reflect the colors or theme you've chosen as well.

With so many affordable options and customizations, picking a wedding favor box for your ceremony is sure to be a snap!


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