Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Themed Wedding Decorations

Some people say I'm an odd duck but when it comes to planning a seasonal wedding, I'm very much a winter wedding kind of gal. Not that I have anything against a Spring or Summer wedding but who really wants to be dressed up in so many layers on a warm spring or hot summer day? To me, a Florida girl, that just seems like the absolute worst kind of torture!

Aside from the unbearable thought of all those layers on a warm day, my main reason for being a Winter Wedding type of girl is mostly due to the Wedding Decorations that come with the season. Can you imagine how beautiful a wedding planned in the winter would be? I know everyone has to have at least seen pictures of one!

Just think of the fabulous winter wonderland you could potentially create for your special day. Icicle lighting, white linens and blue place card settings all tied up in white ribbon. Soft blue balloons with curled white ribbon, ice sculptures; I'd be in winter wonderland heaven.

As with all weddings themed towards the seasons, you'd never run out of endless options with wedding decorations geared towards a winter wedding. It doesn't matter what type of budget you have to work with or what tastes you might have, you just can't go wrong when planning for a tranquil winter themed wedding!


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