Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hug Your Littles A Little Tighter Tonight..

I may not be the most patient Mother or the most hands-on but I'm here with my daughter everyday. We give kisses and hugs a hundred times a day, sometimes more. I tell her I love her more times in a day than I could ever count and do the very best I can by her each day.

She's been the center of my world for the last 18 months and through the frustration, I'm thankful for every day I've been able to stay at home and be with her.

I can't help but lay in bed next to her these last few nights and hold her a little closer as I think of the Mothers and Fathers mourning the loss of their babies taken in the shooting Friday..While I've been gifted with her presence for another night, I can't imagine being in the homes of the parents who've had their children taken from them.

I know what its like to live in an empty home but one devoid of happy giggles and the sounds of little feet throughout? My baby is home safe and yet I can still feel the effects of such devastating loss. I'm not a praying girl by nature but I have been and will continue to pray for the families who are without their little ones today as well as for the families of those who were killed protecting their precious students.

For those of you who have been given the gift of having your little ones with you today, give them some extra love and keep them close. 
Thank whatever/whoever you believe in that you've been given another day with them because we've never been promised tomorrow.


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