Friday, January 25, 2013

Help Save OOGAVE!

A few months ago while on the hunt for an Organic, healthy soda alternative to my very unhealthy Pepsi/Coke addiction I came across and had the pleasure of working with a company by the name of OOGAVE.

Sound familiar? Well, it should.OOGAVE is on a mission to provide only the best in Beverages by creating a healthier alternative to regular soda.

"I was wonderfully surprised when my first taste was only of crisp watermelon goodness. There wasn't a single hint of the bitterness I despised in other natural Soda's and the carbonation factor was perfect."

During my review I blown away by the deliciousness of this Organic Soda. I was so used to associating Organic with words like "yuck" and "lacking" but found myself falling in love with OOGAVE after just my first sip!

OOGAVE, as I mentioned before is an Organic Soda company that uses Agave Necter to sweeten their beverages not those yucky, bitter artificial sweeteners we've all become accustomed too.

Its come to my attention recently that my beloved company, OOGAVE, is struggling and is in need of funds to continue distribution. I couldn't believe my eyes when I was contacted by the PR representative with an email describing their dire predicament and didn't hesitate to offer my services.

Unlike bigger soda companies, OOGAVE is a 'baby company' started back in 2009 and funds are limited. If you, like me, would like to see and possibly help a small, Organic company thrive please visit the website below and see what you can do to give them the little extra push they need in this time of need.

Lets give those big ole soda Corporations a run for their money and give back by holding out a hand in support to OOGAVE!

Head over to Save OOGAVE to see what YOU and your community can do to help today!


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