Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mom4Life Baby Legs Review and Giveaway! US Ends 1/15

Disclosure: I received Mom4Life product(s) and information to facilitate and host this review. I received no other compensation for this post and was under no obligation to post a positive review. The opinions contained within, are my own and reflect my experience with the product(s). Your own may be different.

Babies are cute, admit it. There isn't anything about a baby that isn't 'awww' inspiring and everyone knows it, whether they want to admit to it or not.

There are dimples and little fat rolls to admire, slobbery smiles to melt over and chubby cheeks too irresistible not to pinch. Ticklish tummies, cute meaningless baby talk and wide-eyed wonder; these are just a few things that make you crazy with love.

Now if you ask me I'd say each and every one of those traits is to die for but my very favorite thing about babies are their legs. More specifically I'd say that their chunky little thighs are what make me melt and I adore finding anything to draw attention to the pinchable, ticklish rolls found there.

With Sophie I prefer a pair of skinny jeans her Gramma bought her as a newborn. Technically they're dark blue jeggings in a size 6 months but up until recently I've been able to squeeze her chunky 19 month self into them and the accentuation they give to her chunky little legs/thighs just kills me! Unfortunately though she's just about grown out of them and there's a thread lose on the seam of one leg so I've had to begin the search for another avenue to emphasize her cuteness.

That's where Mom4Life comes in. Mom4Life was founded by Heather Ledeboer, is a 100% Mom employed company and hosts a large variety of new Mom invented products.

I've recently been able to participate in a review for them and was sent the most darling pair of BabyLegs ever to try out for their company. Being from the country myself is it any surprise what style I chose to have them send my way?

I loved the Red Bandana pattern of these Babylegs or Baby Leggings but Sophie was harder to impress. If she doesn't have to wear them and can carry them around with her, drape them around the cats&dogs and wrap her baby up in them she's good to go but Mommies obsession with her thick little legs is simply not tolerated for long.

Le sigh..

On the upside Baby Legs aren't just for little girls but come in a variety of styles suited for those little guys in your life too! The founder of Mom4Life has 4 children, three boys and one girl, ranging from ages 1 1/2 to 9, who  LOVE these adorable creations so its no stretch to say I'm sure yours will too.

Whether their walking or crawling, there's a pair of Baby Legs for every kid out there.

Another perk of these awesome leggings is that they aren't just for your kiddo's legs. You can use them for a variety of things such as arm warmers and the founders son has even reportedly used them to hold ice packs in place after an injury! Stylish AND nifty!

If you don't believe me just head over to their Baby Legs or Baby Leg Warmers section and check it out for yourself! If you don't find something you like the first time you visit, I will honestly be beyond shocked!

To find out more about Mom4Life and ALL of their products you can head to their website for a look around.

While you're browsing don't forget to check out and take advantage of Mom4Life's BabyLegs sale! BabyLegs are on sale now for 1/2 so hurry and grab a pair or 3!

Feel free to also visit them on Facebook and Twitter!

Now, time for the best part! Mom4Life has generously given me the opportunity to host a Giveaway here at Slow Road to Insanity. Yep, that means one of you lucky gals/guys will be able to win your very own pair of Baby Legs from Mom4Life!

All you have to do is get those entries in on the Rafflecopter form below and keep your fingers crossed!

Happy winnings everyone and Happy New Years!

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  1. I like that they have a huge selection (4mom, 4dad, even 4 grandparents)

  2. Love the Candy Land ones, anything polks dots, and the pumpkin leggings. those would be my top picks.. Great selection..

  3. I like the Green/White Stripe! So many to choose from!