Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Facebook is Unliking Fan Pages Without Our Consent!

Imagine my surprise these last few days to see that my Fan count on Facebook has been drastically dropping. At first I thought I had done something terrible, that I'd offended my fans in some way but was quickly reassured by some lovely, FAITHFUL ladies that it wasn't just me and that other Fan/Business pages were taking hits as well.

The cause of this saddening and panic-inducing phenomena?

Facebook admin.

It has been brought to my attention that Facebook is going above us all and 'unliking' any and all pages THEY deem fake or spammy.

Uh, excuse me but who are they to determine who the real pages are; especially when it seems like its all being done at random. With the way Fan/Business pages are suffering losses, it seems to me like there's less method and more madness being executed in this case; some lazy, underpaid Facebook employee is probably sitting at their desk right now, 'unliking' pages at random while sipping idly on his 7-Eleven Coffee.

As if Facebook hasn't been messed with enough this past year, now we have this to contend with.

How will this effect Businesses/Blogs? Giveaway's?

Most importantly, for Product Review Blogs and the companies they work with? These numbers are hugely important when a Business is considering working with a Blogger and ultimately are the deciding factor.

So, I'm asking everyone who reads my Blog to please, please, please make sure you go back and see if you are still a Fan of Slow Road to Insanity on Facebook! If not, please become a fan again. I'd be ever so grateful!


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