Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Chill Out This Summer with Old World Gourmet: OWG Frozen Margareta Review and Giveaway! US 21+ 5/10

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 I can't pretend I know much about the weather anywhere else on earth but I can say that here in Florida its hotter than Hades. It really is no wonder why our electric bill skyrockets in the summertime, we'd all expire in this awful heat if we didn't run the air-conditioning.

I decided to take the girls on a walk the other afternoon for the first time since having my Cesarian and for the first leg of our walk it was quite enjoyable. I'd waited until after 4 when I THOUGHT it'd be safe to venture out with a heat sensitive toddler and newborn but I apparently miscalculated; 1 1/2 hours later we returned home and I barely had the strength to make it inside the house again.

Sophie had decided to be cranky on the walk home and Desmond had begun screaming up a storm shortly after due to the heat. I had never been so relieved to make the walk down our 1/4 mile driveway.

My family and I, not being able to bear the thought of our stove heating the house, threw together a simple dinner of cold cuts and shortly thereafter the children were fast asleep in our bed. For those of you living in a HOT state you know how quickly the energy is zapped out of you on the hottest of days; we all bore testament to the long, hot day.

By the time my Mommy-time rolled around I was a hot, sticky mess. So, what did I end up doing to combat this miserable heat?

I poured myself an Old World Gourmet frozen Margareta from their Dot Box collection and put my feet up. It was like instant relief.

OWG's frozen Cocktail Mixer could not have arrived at a better time, not with Summer reducing us to puddles of Floridian goo. In my overheated state I have to admit that I gulped down rather than sipped on the tall glass I poured myself. Ladies, the heat aside, it was just that good; looking back now I'm surprised I didn't suffer any brain freeze!

I should probably mention how ridiculously easy these drinks are to make, especially if you're planning a night with the ladies, having an afternoon mixer or like myself, having a drink alone on a hot summers night.

One of the things I loved most about OWG's Margarita drink mix is that you can choose between using Tequila OR a nice White wine (I went with a delicious Moscato).

After that its basically just following the easy steps like mixing the packets with your desired alcohol, measuring out a bit of water and then storing in the freezer in either a ziplock baggy or pitcher. No muss no fuss and you can forget about them until cocktail hour, seriously.

Its a safe bet that I'll be enjoying many more experiences with Old World Gourmet in the very near future! The Summers of Florida are too long and too dang hot to not sit a spell with one of their delicious mixes.

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