Saturday, April 13, 2013

Get a Designer Look Without Breaking the Bank: Rugs USA Review and #Giveaway! 4/30

 Disclosure: I received Rugs USA product(s) and information to facilitate and host this review. I received no other compensation for this post and was under no obligation to post a positive review. The opinions contained within, are my own and reflect my experience with the product(s). Your own may be different.

By now the entire world must know I've been in a tizzy about this remodeling business but it wasn't until these last few weeks since having baby Desi that the bedroom began to show signs of progress. My Carpenter and jack of all trades older Brother has been hard at work cleaning, patching, painting and installing; when I returned home from the Hospital I was shocked at the difference. I didn't recognize my own room!

You never would have guessed that the room had seen the many different decorating styles of 10+ people and the abuse of the same plus several children under the age of 10 that had come across markers/crayons.

My Carpenter B had really outdone himself: there were new baseboards, a beautiful custom-made chair-rail, several different colors painted over the eggshell white walls and he'd installed a legit windowsill. He even removed the VERY old carpet flooring and plans on putting down tile which, ladies and gentlemen, he'll be making himself.

It was several days before I was able to move back in with the girls..there was a thick layer of construction dust in the bedroom and my Brother was still working his tush off to make the room livable for the 3 of us. I spent the first few nights that we were home in bed with Sophie and my Mama; an experience that was short lived, slightly uncomfortable after a Cesarian but worth the fleeting feeling of being a child again.

I hadn't stepped foot in our room since I'd come home from the Hospital so when it was finally unveiled and announced livable for my basic sleeping needs, I was shocked beyond reason. It certainly was not the drab room I had left behind the day I went into labor!

The first thing that came I noticed, not that the entire project wasn't impressive, was the Shag carpet on the (sanded) wood floor. I wasted no time in burying my feet in its soft surface. I was beyond pleased and couldn't wait to write all about it in this review for Rugs USA!

Yep, thats right, I was recently given the opportunity to work with the folks over at Rugs USA and was sent their 5'3"x8' Venice Shaggy Cocoa Area Rug for review. It was the perfect piece for the remodeling project!

It arrived on my doorstep in record time and although I didn't get to unroll it until the remodel, I was over the moon. I'll admit to peeling back a corner of the packaging to cop a feel of the surface. I couldn't help it, I was like a curious kid.

The material was soft but not overly soft or plush, a factor that I really liked about the product.It was also a perfect fit, size wise for my bedroom.

Going back to the grand unveiling, I didn't waste any time with burying my feet in the carpets surface and I swear I breathed a sigh of happiness as my feet sank into it. It really was perfect and even more so for my purposes.

I wasn't fond of the idea that I wouldn't have carpet after my Brother finished the project so the Shag area rugs was a perfect way to give him what he wanted and still keep the carpet I wanted. I also had pictures in my head of being able to lay baby Desmond down on its soft surface so I could have my hands free or laying her down on it so she could play once she reached the playing stage.

The Venice Shag carpet is a fantastic product and I couldn't be happier with the quality; the manufacturers really outdid themselves and ensured that I'll be taking all of my carpet needs to Rugs USA in the future.

Head over to Rugs USA to check out their selection today, you'll find something for every room in the house! I'd even personally recommend the Venice Shag area rug to anyone looking for the carpet/rug that throws their project/room together and completes the desired look.

To find out more about Rugs USA and their products visit them online.

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