Friday, May 10, 2013

Win the War on Your Smelly Washer: Smelly Washer Review

A few months back my youngest brother brought home a new addition to our family..well, more like an old acquaintance; a cat we call RD2 or as I like to call him the Spawn of Satan.  Lets just say that's one of the nicer names I have for the furball that has, since the moment he came into our home, made a point of marking his territory in the family laundry room.

Before we had him separated from his manly bits just a few short weeks ago, RD2 or Robert as my Mama likes to call him (personality confusion, maybe just a little) was especially fond of marking on clothing. Say for example a certain Mom of 2 little ones set a basket of dirty laundry down in front of the washer and walks away to tend to the babies, with every intention of coming right back to load it into the machine.

I most definitely forgot the load of laundry I had intended to run through the wash and Robert made himself right at home, doing his business

You can imagine my reaction when I finally did make it back to the laundry room and caught a whiff of my laundry. I was furious and 100% disgusted. Unlike my Mama and younger Brother, I have never been a fan of Cats and this did not earn our new housemate any brownie points with me.

With more than a little bit of of disdain I dumped my soiled laundry, thank goodness it was mostly bath towels and old lounge-around-the-house clothes, into the washing machine and added in a double scope of detergent, a cap of fabric softner crystals and a bit of borax for good measure.

Now fast forward an hour.

My clothes came out of the wash smelling more or less like fresh laundry (I ran them through again later that night using the same process as the 1st) but when I was making the switch from Washer to laundry basket I noticed the awful smell coming from my Washer. Turns out that traces of Roberts..crime still lingered. Not only was I going to have to run all my laundry back through but I also had to find a way to eliminate the cat odor coming from the washer or I'd catch nine kinds of grief from the family later on.

After going through ever possible detergent, fabric softener and odor neutralizer in our arsenal I found just what I needed for this smelly emergency. Its sister product had done right by us when we'd had a hard time getting odors from our towels so it was with faith that I read the directions on the bottle of Smelly Washer and dumped it in.

I'd heard nothing but good things about Smelly Washer and the reviews were fantastic so when I was sent my own bottle to try I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. As per the directions I added one level cup of Smelly Washer detergent into the washer, turned on the Hot Water cycle and with my fingers crossed, I walked away.

An hour later my Washer was smelling much like its old self but to be absolutely certain I reread the directions, reloaded my previous load of laundry into its metal belly and added yet another level scoop. I wanted to be absolutely sure that when all was said and done the cat odor was gone for good.

One more hour later, I was sick and tired of the laundry process by then, I was pleased and reassured by the clean smell of my washer.

As with Smelly Towel Cleaner I can very much recommend Smelly Washer Cleaner to anyone, anytime! All it took to get the nasty was to follow the easy instructions on the label and I was in the clear and odor free!

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