Monday, June 3, 2013

TvStoreOnline Fangtasia T-Shirt Review

Disclosure: I received TVStoreOnline product(s) and information to facilitate and host this review. I received no other compensation for this post and was under no obligation to post a positive review. The opinions contained within, are my own and reflect my experience with the product(s). Your own may be different.

 If we're going to be entirely honest I'd like to admit to being horribly picky about my clothes. More specifically I'm picky about my shirts. If the fabric of the shirt I'm debating on has scratchy material or isn't breathable I'm sure as heck not going to wear it. Even in the winter months I prefer light material that doesn't heat up easily and that is also comfortable enough for any occasion.

This can be said especially for my sleepwear. I'm an over-sized shirt and shorts type of gal when it comes to my pajamas. I'm always super stoked to find a light, comfortable fitting outfit to wear to bed and wasn't disappointed last month when I found The perfect sleep shirt

I was given the chance to work with Tvstoreonline and was recently sent one of their True Blood Fangtasia T-shirts to review.

I was super excited to review for Tvstoreonline and as soon as my shirt came it was out of the package and on my back. The red definitely suited my pale complexion and I loved it just for the fact that it was a True Blood, my favorite television show, themed shirt but whats more, I loved it because it was the most comfortable shirt I'd ever tried on in my life.

You may wonder how I could compare one shirt to the hundreds, even thousands that I've tried on in my 23 years but goodness I knew the difference the moment my fingers grabbed it from the packaging. Made of 100% cotton it has to be the softest shirt I've ever owned and the vibrancy of the red as well as the contrast of the black against it makes this shirt a real eye catcher. I've had more than one person stop me while out and about to compliment me on the shirt.

It is true to the size listed so in my case the XXL I ordered was very large, which works for me since I like bigger clothes especially for nightwear, and did eventually shrink a little in the wash. If shrinkage is something you worry about its no worries, simply order the next size up from what you actually want and you're all set to go.

Tvstoreonline has a HUGE selection of T-shirts to choose from and even more categories to browse. If you aren't a True Blood fan then I'm sure you'll find something that suits your taste. They carry Big Bang Theory, Ghost Busters, True Blood, Care Bears, Friends and The Breakfast Club..and that's just to name a few!

Whether you're buying for yourself or for family/friends or for Birthdays or Christmas Tvstoreonline is the place for your fun T-shirt needs this year. Kids, Teens and even Adults will be pleased as punch with their selection of popular movie/tv show memorabilia!

To learn more about Tvstoreonline you can head over to their home site or even become a Facebook or Twitter follower to be kept in the loop with the latest news.

Tvstoreonline has also allowed me to offer a discount code to my readers for 10% off any purchase order! Simply type in Slowroad10 at checkout and VOILA!

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