Friday, August 30, 2013

College Goers Will Love Saving Money With CampusBookRentals!

Do I have any college attendee readers out there? If so, then you've gone through the process of having to purchase your course books each year and this post is going to be filled with information just for you; additionally, you can feel free to share this post with any friends or family you might have who are also struggling with the cost of their own course materials!

While I have been fortunate enough not to have had to pay an arm and a leg for my own course books I know plenty of friends my age who have complained about the outrageous price of their books and after pricing them myself a few times just to satisfy my own curiosity I had to agree with them. It was absolutely ridiculous, what colleges are asking their students to pay for books these days!

Why should you have to pay such steep fees for your books when you'll only open them a handful of times AND then pay thousands and thousands for tuition on top of it all?

Thankfully there's a better way.

You can now RENT, yes I said rent, your college course books from CampusBookRentals AND you can use the books you need when you need them and only have to pay for the time you need to use them.

I know some of you might be a bit skeptical about renting your books and might be wondering if such a thing can really be useful to you considering the fact that they are indeed rentals but let me tell you, CampusBookRentals is going to make the rest of your college life a piece of cake. At least when it comes to your wallet and your books.

Let me tell you just a little bit about the perks of CampusBookRentals

1. We all know that your campus Book Store expects you to sell a kidney on the black market to pay for their books. CampusBookRentals can save you between 40-90% off of bookstore prices

2. Shipping costs are high but CampusBookRentals shipping is absolutely FREE. Both ways!

4. Renting from other places or borrowing a book from a friend can be a pain because highlighting passages is a big no-no but when you rent from CampusBookRentals you CAN highlight any portion of the book you want!

5. You can rent from CampusBookRentals for as little or as long as you need. Need it for a week? No problem!

One additional note I personally loved when learning about CampusBookRentals was that with EVERY book rental they make a donation to Operation Smile, an international children's medical charity that serves children who are born with clefts.

Every three minutes a child is born with a cleft. One in 10 of those children will die before their first birthday and the children who do manage to survive are often unable to eat, speak or smile. Thats where Operation Smile Comes in, to help those children live their lives fully and with beautiful smiles.

The last thing I want to mention, and this is a great one for those of you who are finished with books you've already bought from the bookstore, is a program called Rentback.

Rentback is a new program that allows you to rent out the textbooks you own to your fellow students. Using Rentback will allow you to make around 2-4 times more money on your old books compared to what you'd be making through selling your books yourself at the end of the semester. Pretty neat stuff huh?

CampusBookRentals is the place to go for your book needs and is a great site.

Still not convinced?

Check out the videos below for an additional explanation!

How does it work?


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  2. It's great that you didn’t have a problem paying for you textbooks in college. But for those who are not fortunate enough, it’s truly a great thing that there are cheaper options than buying those ridiculously expensive textbooks. Now, even if you have enough money to afford those books, it wouldn’t hurt to save some of those by choosing a more economical option. Thanks for sharing this program with us!

    Valerie Casey @ Studemont Group CFS