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In Honor of World Breast Feeding Week: The Xpanda Bra Review and Giveaway! 9/7

Disclosure: I received Xpanda Bra product(s) and information to facilitate and host this review. I received no other compensation for this post and was under no obligation to post a positive review. The opinions contained within, are my own and reflect my experience with the product(s). Your own may be different.

As many of my readers now know I have two sweet little girls, Sophia who just turned 2 in May and Desmond who joined our little family in March of this year. As crazy as it may seem to those who don't BF or for those who only Breasted their babies one at a time, I do still Breastfeed Sophie in addition to Breast Feeding baby Desi.

While it is very challenging to juggle the needs of Desmond AND the whims of jealous Sophie it is also one of the more fulfilling things I have ever done and although some have chastised me on the long-time effects Breast Feeding Sophie past 24 months may have on her I find myself still unable to wean my firstborn.

Expectant and New Moms alike I am 100% onboard for BFing and recommend it to everyone; I also tend to go overboard on recommending products that go hand-in-hand with Nursing a baby. Nursing Pads, Creams, apparel and yes, Nursing Bras.

As a Breast Feeding Mother I know the important of a good Nursing Bra and I've tried about a million of 'em it seems like since having Sophia in May of 2011; the one I want to introduce to you today is by far one of my very favorites and one that deserves a medal.

I was given the opportunity recently to work on a Review+Giveaway with the makers of the Xpanda Bra, the Unique Maternity Nursing Bra that grows with you during&after pregnancy, and was sent one of their amazing Bras to help facilitate this review!

I received my Xpanda Bra within 2 weeks of shipping, keep in mind they do come from the UK, and as skeptical as I usually am about a new 'unique' product, I had a feeling I was going to love the product itself just as much as I loved the concept behind it. Of course I was in love the moment I laid eyes on it but it was trying it on that had me sold.

As we women all know finding a Bra that fits just right is a pain in the behind and sometimes seems near impossible; as we Breast Feeding Mama's know the same applies for a good nursing Bra. It seems particularly hard when you know there's really just no telling what size you'll end up when your Breasts seem to change so much during and after Pregnancy; Xpanda Bra has produced a Nursing Bra that has taken the stress from our shoulders and solved that pesky problem!

  • Xpanda Bra Background:
    "Xpanda Bra is a Northern Ireland UK based Company Run by Declan Mc Donnell and his wife Diane Mc Donnell.

    Xpanda Bra is the brainchild of Declan Mc Donnell who once worked in the bra manufacturing industry. As well as helping with the day to day running of the business, Diane is also a qualified peer supporter helping new and first time mothers through breastfeeding hardships, giving tips on " what not to do when breastfeeding" to "breastfeeding benefits" through the breastfeeding network.

    At Xpanda Bra we are dedicated to pushing the maternity and nursing lingerie boundaries by providing the latest innovation in maternity and nursing bras for the pregnant and breastfeeding mother who were the main inspiration for our unique maternity nursing bra.
    Declan originally came up with the idea after his wife Diane, had their first child and as a breastfeeding mother found that when her breasts fluctuated, her cup size was too small causing pressure and pain. When returning to work, she found this even more difficult as she only had one option which was to express to get relief .This took too long and was not suitable, while a good quality cotton bra with adjustable cups that could be adjusted in under a minute was an alternative, quick and effective option of relieving the pressure and pain and still give excellent support.

    Declan decided to carry out some research to establish what was available, looking at all types of bras. He approached Innovate-Design and with their help, and the help from other professionals in the lingerie industry, and several prototypes, Xpanda Bra® was created.
    We found that breastfeeding in public is easier if the bra is easy to use; it makes nursing mothers feel confident about the way they look and feel ,as they are not worried about pain or discomfort. It was only after tests and trails and the help of some professional people within the industry and our extremely professional seamstress we came up with the final product, which we are very proud to provide at a reasonable cost to the pregnant and nursing mother of today."

The Xpanda Bra was made with fluctuating Breast sizes in mind and therefore was created to grow with your cup size..Not only does is grow right along with you but if you're anything like me and your cup size has ever decreased during or after Pregnancy, the Xpanda Bra also adjusts to decrease 2 cups sizes!

My Xpanda Bra fit like a dream, like it was made just for me and the best part, other than the perfect fit, was the adorable design. The McDonnell's couldn't have done a better job. 100% breathable cotton and the prettiest Blue trim/Ribbon I'd ever seen, I knew I wouldn't want to ever take this Bra off..and I detest Bras!

All in all on a scale of 1-10 if I'm really being honest I'd have to give the Xpanda Bra a 12 and definitely recommend it to every single nursing or expecting Mother out there. You couldn't find a better fit for your Maternity/Breast Feeding needs!

Xpanda Bra has also very generously included a 10% discount code to all of you fantastic readers. Just enter SL13 at the checkout to enjoy your savings!

Want the chance to win one of these Unique and adorable Bras for yourself or a loved one who is currently expecting? Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below and get those entries in!

Important Note: Be sure to check out the Sizing Chart before entering. The available sizes are 34B, 34C, 34D, 34DD,34E, 34F,36B,36C,36D,36DD,36E, 36F, 38B,38C, 38D,38E, 40C,40D,40DD,40E.

Want to find out more about Xpanda Bra-Head over and check them out online at Xpanda Bra!

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Did you know you can also purchase an Xpanda Bra from their Etsy shop too?!

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