Thursday, August 22, 2013

Snozzies The Kinder Way to Wipe Your Favorite Face: Review and Giveaway US 9/13

Have you ever had a baby that drooled so much you wondered if they were secretly harboring Niagara Falls somewhere inside their body? When Sophie was a baby I seem to recall having very little slobber to wipe off of myself, her little face, toys etc so when Desi's mouth recently started running like a faucet I was a little surprised.

Desi gets super excited pretty fast and as a result her slobber doth overflow and when the slobber doth overflow I'm generally searching around everywhere for something to stop the flow; in my diaper bag, the car and the glove-box. In a pinch I can work with a shirt front or my hand but I like to try and avoid it when I can and usually end up with a few drool spots on my clothing as the result.

Mommies and yes, Dads too, I'd like to introduce you to the Snozzie; the stylish cleanup cloth that's always at your fingertips.

The beauty of the Snozzie is that it comes in the form of a wristband and can be attached either to your wrist, Diaper Bag or even the handle of your Baby Carrier/Car Seat.

"Moms shouldn't have to walk around with wet, drool-covered sleeves.  Wipe that face, then change your snozzie, not your shirt!"
I love my Snozzie's and don't ever leave the house without one or two tucked into my purse and one 'round my wrist for good measure as I can never predict when Desi will begin to blow her adorable spit bubbles and I'll need a quick wipe. When her drooling is in full force I generally go through at least 2 of the Snozzies I pack but the process is as easy as 1, 2, 3; its hidden flap just unwraps from its velcro patch and unrolls to reveal a soft, cotton facial wipe.

Snozzies are the reusable alternative to many wasted and unnecessary napkins or Baby Wipes and are chemical free, making them my number one choice when it comes to wiping off my munchkins faces.

Whether its drool, a spare bit of food or even a little bit of yucky nasal leakage the Snozzie is a great item to pack away in the Diaper Bag when you've got plans to take your littles on an outing.

To find out more about Snozzies or how to purchase you can visit them online at

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