Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Give the Gift of A Good Nights Sleep with Soaring Heart's Organic Wool Pillows! US 12/17

Have you bee guilty of shopping till you drop this holiday season? Have you frequented crowded shopping malls, grocery stores and boutiques for that mile long list of gifts you've written up this year only to go straight home to bed? Have you gotten up with your children in the mornings and begged for just one more minute of interrupted sleep?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions then I've got a simple solution I think will benefit anyone who is craving that amazing nights sleep we've all been dreaming of in the midst of the holiday rush. Let me tell you about Soaring Heart the Natural Bedding Company.

"Comfort and craftsmanship are values we build into all our work at Soaring Heart. Sine 1982 our artisan craftsmen have been exquisitely handcrafting, stitch by stitch, all of our organic mattresses to be the ultimate in comfort and support. We use only the hightest quality, organic ingredients: premium Pacific Northwest Wool, American grown long-fiber organic cotton, and the only fully certified organic latex in the world. Come experience the rest of your life."
For my review I was sent one of Soaring Heart's Organic Wool Pillows.

Soaring Hearts springy-soft organic wool pillows are made by combining over 30 years experience at the forefront of their industry with time-test materials. Their organic wool, a blend of eight breeds of sheep's wool is gathered from small farms along the California and Oregon coasts, is resilient yet yielding, which makes for a wonderful pillow. When you include the additional benefits of wool, such as moisture, mold and dust mite resistance, thermal regulation--keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter--and antimicrobial properties, you might just have the perfect pillow! 

I'll admit that when I first received the pillow I wasn't that enthusiastic about going to bed that night. The pillow was firmer than anything I'd ever slept on and I wasn't optimistic but decided to give it a sporting chance before turning up my nose. To my surprise it actually turned out to be the most relaxing pillow I'd ever laid my head on. I relaxed gradually, giving the pillow a chance to prove itself, and was out like a light shortly afterwards. I woke up the next morning unable to recall having woken up through the night, the only exception being when Desmond woke up for her routine nursing sessions.

Since then I've moved my former favorite, a cloud like pillow, to the bottom of the stack and now sleep with my Soaring Heart Wool pillow on top. I don't even let my toddler lay on it as the care instructions state specifically that wool cannot be washed (however it can be spot cleaned with a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and dried outside in the sun) and I'm deathly afraid she'd find a way to soil the cover!

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  1. I prefer a soft pillow, but my husband likes the firm pillows

  2. I love nice and squishy pillows you sink into and feel like you are surrounded by it.

  3. I usually love down pillows!