Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nursing Made Easy with the Maternity Essentials by Leading Lady! Enter to win a Leisure Sleep Nursing Bra! US 1/1

As every Nursing Mother knows and as many new Mothers will soon find out there is nothing better than a comfortable wardrobe after your little one is born. Whether you had a difficult delivery or an easy one your body has been put through the ringer and the road to recovery is going to be a long one so you want to be as delicate with it as you possibly can with a new baby and possibly even a few older littles running amok.

A comfortable wardrobe, to me, after baby is born, is quite simply a lot of large t-shirts and a ton of yoga pants/sweatpants. Having plenty of wiggle room is key to keeping yourself comfortable after you bring baby home but I remember when I brought my girls home, the one thing I found to be the most important part of my wardrobe, was, a drawer full of comfortable Nursing Bras.

Even if you aren't planning on nursing your baby a nursing bra or two is always a great idea to help those boobies through the changes of those first few weeks/months after having your newest little one and from personal experience I can tell you that finding the perfect one with the best comfort level is a tough job.

I found the perfect fit with the Loving Moments collection by Leading Lady and excited, today, to reveal this review for their expansion from Nursing Wear to Maternity Essentials!

"The Loving Moments Collection that moms already love is expanding to include Maternity Essentials. We're thrilled to introduce our new collection, featuring quality Maternity to Nursing wear-from chic maternity basics to nursing bras for every occasions. Loving Moments is a fuss-free, fashionable collection that celebrates a other's expanding family and fashionably takes her from pregnancy through breastfeeding.  
The new Maternity to Nursing collection will be available only at Wal-mart."

To help facilitate my review I was sent the Loving Moments Leisure Sleep Bra.

Let me say before anything else that the pattern of this bra is cute but so much more so in person.

The best thing about the Leisure Sleep Bra, in my opinion, is the sling design that allows nursing littles to get to dos boobies! I cant tell you how many nights I spent wresting with my top/nursing bra so I could sooth Desi's little hungry belly and found myself and my baby frustrated at the impossible process. The Leisure Sleep bra has eliminated that problem for us and each night when my little wakes up for her midnight nosh I'm thankful for the sling design that allows me and my little the quick access we need! 

Other benefits of the Leisure Sleep Bra include: 
  • all day comfort 
  • perfect for at home activities and sleep 
  • simple breastfeeding at night 
  • Great fit with Loving Moments washable nursing pads
As a nursing mama of two I highly recommend the Leisure Sleep bra to any new mama or even the most experienced ones. After all, who doesn't want to make the experience of bonding with your little ones as comfortable and easy as possible?

Along with the Maternity to Nursing Leisure Sleep bra the Maternity Essentials line also includes the following products for mama!

*Adjustable Maternity Leggings featuring two side bands that allow the leggings to grow with mom and baby. These leggings sit on mom’s natural waistline and can be worn from first trimester through third.

*Maternity to Nursing Sports Bra which features dual adjustable side bands to grow with mom as her rib cage expands during pregnancy. Mom is supported and comfortable for everyday wear and light impact activity.

*Maternity Support Band that helps relieve back, hip, and pelvic pain pregnant moms commonly experience. This three-strap, innovative maternity belt can also be used as postpartum belly support after birth.

*Active Crossover Maternity to Nursing Top worn as every mom’s go-to top for pregnancy and breastfeeding. This stylish front wrap maternity top has added length to accommodate mom’s growing baby belly.

*A Maternity to Nursing Leisure Sleep Bra with front wrap cups works perfectly for nighttime, fuss free breastfeeding. Loving Moments’ Washable Nursing Pads (one pack includes 6 pairs) slip easily into the leisure sleep bra and are lightly contoured for a better breast fit.

To find out more about the Loving Moments Maternity Essentials by Leading Lady visit them online.

Visit or shop in stores to purchase your own Maternity Essentials items!

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  1. I haven't used one before, but this one looks like it would be very comfortable, which is important!

  2. my problem with nursing bras are that they never fit properly and I always try to find one that fixes the best

  3. I have never used one before, but I think I would look for comfort, support, and easy access. :-)

  4. I tend to wear nursing tanks mostly because they are more comfortable, and fit better than other nursing bras

  5. I am trying for my first, so I haven't needed one before. But I hope to use one in 2014.

  6. I've disliked that I can't seem to find a balance between unweildly (way too molded and hard to push aside to nurse) and unsupportive (completely floppy and unflattering). I usually end up resorting to tanks. I would LOVE To find a bra that works for me- especially before the weather starts heating up again!

  7. the bras are too stiff with big clasps

  8. I find that they just don't fight right, or the snaps are too tricky to navigate.

  9. I think that comfort and ease of use are essential. When you're holding a hungry baby you don't want to have to fight with a bra!

  10. I find that they are either uncomfortable, show through my clothes or are ridiculously expensive

  11. My biggest complaint is they are made of thick material that is not easily adjusted to nurse easily, or they are so thin and easily adjusted that they are not supportive enough.