Monday, December 16, 2013

Put the Fun Back Into Decorating for Christmas with LinkyDoodles! FLASH #Giveaway US 12/19

To be completely honest there has been quite a bit of contention in my household this month, as Christmas has been fast approaching, and within the last week or so its really come to a head. The source of all the contention? Putting up our darn Christmas tree.

I'm a stickler for holiday traditions and putting up a Christmas tree has been a tradition in our home ever since I can remember so when my Mama refused to put up our tree this year I was quite upset. Her reasoning, mainly, was that the second we put a tree up would be the second it came crashing down due to having 7 naughty kittens and 2 equally naughty children under the age of 5. While I agreed to a point I wasn't and still am not able to get over the upset this has caused me. Tradition is important to me, especially so now that I have my own children, so we came to a compromise. We decided to put up a tree but leave out the large part because my toddler managed to break them all to bits last year. So, now we have our plain Jane tree with nothing but the lights and I am somewhat happier.

Well, almost plain Jane! I was given the opportunity this month to work with a fantastic company by the name of LinkyDoodles and was sent a package of their sweet Cherry candy chains to help facilitate my review!

 "Move over ornaments. There's a new twist on candy canes this Christmas and its linking memories and sweet new family traditions like never before! Called Santa Bait by some of the youngest elves, LinkyDoodles Candy Chains are edible "C" shaped candy canes that families link together, piece by piece, to decorate the Christmas tree, mantel and table in festive garlands that harken back to a simpler time and create lifelong memories. Linkydoodle candy chains are the worlds only linkable candy, linking together Christmas holiday celebrations with a sweet new family tradition."

Even though our tree is a bit bare this Christmas the LinkyDoodles did a fantastic job making our sad looking, lights only, tree look bright and festive and thanks to their unique C shape they were super easy to link together and put up as well. My girls had a great time linking the up and stringing them around the tree..well, Sophie did anyways. Desmond was just happy to put her new teeth to good use and be our taste tester while we did all the 'real' work!

No worries if you're going treeless this year or if you've managed to wedge as many decorations as possible onto yours and find yourself out of room. LinkyDoodles is perfect for hanging on the mantel, using to decorate the table for guests and for many other unique decorating uses. Check out the LinkyDoodle napkin ring below!

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The wonderful folks are LinkyDoodles have generously offered one of you lucky readers the chance to win your own package of LinkyDoodles in either Peppermint or Cherry flavor. That's over 5 feet of fun for you and your family this Christmas! Just get those entries in on the Rafflecopter form below and stay tuned!

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