Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Watch Your Favorite Little Face Light Up and Give the Gift of Cuddly, Homemade Critters with Its a Zoo!

Tonight's review is going to be centered in large part around my oldest daughter, Sophia, her obsession with all things horse and of an Etsy shop run by a woman with an uncanny understanding of what a child's toy should really be and not the too-many-parts, choking hazard and mass produced impostors found in big corporations.

Ever since I took on some stable work to supplement my income Sophie has been obsessed with anything that has even the slightest thing to do with horses. Movies that have a horse anywhere on the jacket, shows that give the slightest glimpse of a horse or passing by a horse while out in the car my girl gets a case of the crazies and starts gabbering a million miles a minute about 'horsies.' I can't tell you how many stuffed animals she has that are horses or how many My Little Pony figurines she has stashed around the house. She even sleeps with them underneath her pillow at night!

When I came across Its a Zoo on Etsy I knew I had to ask to include them in our Gift Guide.

"The wonderful owner of Its a Zoo, Pat, has been sewing since she was 6 years old and in addition to sewing she also possesses the talents to weave and knit, all while homeschooling her young grandson. Pat left the business world to pursue her talents, is a believer that if you don't like what you're doing then you should find a way to stop doing it and that is exactly how "Its a Zoo" got its start.

Quilting is Pat's favorite form of expression and the critters she creates are a fun extension of that. The fabric for each of Pat's animals is selected specificially for their species and personality. By thte time they have been quilted, bathed and fed (stuffing them full) she has their name in her mind. She has such fun to see each of her creations come to life and sometimes finds it hard to let them go!

Its a Zoo is a zoo full of animals hand-crafted with baby in mind but that are also popular with the older children too. They are bright and colorful to look at and very cuddly. In fact, Pat has personally cuddled each one personally just to make sure!

All eyes are stitched on. There are no buttons, bows or moving parts for little fingers to pick at and no choking hazards for even the youngest receiver. All animals are made from top quality cottons with polyester batting. All are washable." 

Pat Abbitt had a shop full of cuddly critters that I couldn't help but admire. Eye catching, uniquely designed and created with the littles in mind, Pat had what I believed to be one of the most ideal children's toys I'd come across in a long time. It didn't hurt that she was able to capture the old-timey, traditional feel I'm always looking for either!

For my review Pat sent me Zeefoam the cuddly Zebra.

He was the perfect fit to introduce to my horse crazy daughter and surprise, surprise, she loved him. I had to gently explain that he was a Zebra and not a horse but he was close enough in her mind and has spent many nights since his arrival in bed with her.

Gosh, how stinkin' cute is Zeefoam, folks?

If you think Zeefoam is as cute as I do then you'll make haste and visit Its a Zoo to purchase your own sweet critter today! Pat has something special for everyone and your child is sure to enjoy her critters just as much as mine did!

Head on over to Its a Zoo on Facebook and start following Its a Zoo so you never miss an update or new addition to the shop!

Also, be sure to add Its a Zoo to your favorite shops on Etsy!


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