Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Give Your Ears a Merry Makeover with Earrings from Happy Everything Else! #review

In terms of fashion and festivity every Christmas has always felt the same to me. I've always started out in November excited about the festive holiday and with the best of intentions promise myself that THIS is the year I'll look fabulous and trendy come time for those holiday parties and family gatherings! I will be complimented on my gorgeous, ugly sweater, my makeup will be flawless and my hair will be the envy of every lady in the room.

Well, this year, I may not find the perfect ugly sweater, my makeup might be less than flawless and I recently got a new 'do that I'm still getting used to so my hair won't be the envy of anyone but I WILL have one gorgeous accessory that I'm positive will be the center of attention at our traditional Christmas Eve party.

This Christmas I will be showing off 3 sets of gorgeous earrings by Happy Everything Else!

Happy Everything Else is a darling little jewelry shop, run by proprietress Carol Smith, started out in business as a consignment partnership between Carol and a local gift shop. The partnership was a pleasant one for both parties and ended up being just the thing Happy Everything Else needed to grow-in 2011 after her success with her gift shop partnership Carol decided to open an Etsy shop for her handmade earrings with the hope that there were others our there that would be excited about her handmade treasures and who she could create new and unique designs for!

To help facilitate my review for Happy Everything Else Carol sent me these gorgeous earrings: Toy Soldiers, Christmas Candles and Santa&Mrs.Clause.

Made from various brightly colored beads and gorgeous Swarovski crystals aren't these handsome Toy Soldiers just lovely?

The Nutcracker theme brings me a huge wave of childhood nostalgia every time I look at them. Each pair is hung from sterling silver 20 earwires, measure approximately 1 3/4 from the top of the earwire and ship to you packaged in an organza bag and held in place on decorative earring card.

These Christmas Candles are "plain and simple, short and sweet but pretty darn cute."

Also made in large part from Swarvoski crystal beads these candles will complete any outfit this holiday season with a festive twinkle, especially when the light hits them just right! The Christmas candle earrings are hung from 20 gauge sterling silver ear wire and measure approximately 2" from the top of the earring wire.  

Last but certainly not least are these two sweet characters who I'm sure you all know as the rosy cheeked symbols of Christmas spirit, Mr. and Mrs. Clause earrings

If I had to pick my favorite pair out of all 3 that I was sent I think these would be it. From Mrs.Clauses decorative apron to Mr.Clauses tiny little feet I don't think there's a more adorable Swarvoski pair like these to be found anywhere else but in Carol's  Happy Everything Else etsy shop! Like the other two sets I was sent Mr. and Mrs. Clause hang from your ears on 20 gauge sterling silver earring wire, come in the sweetest little organza bag and are held in place during shipping by decorative cardboard earring board.

Whether you're looking for gifts for a loved one or buying for yourself this holiday season I fully recommend stopping into Carol's shop. I'm certain you'll find a design that will ignite your holiday spirit and excite not only you but everyone who sees it! So, head on over to Carol's etsy shop and start loading up on beautiful jewelry this holiday season and don't forget to become a fan on Facebook, and join their circle on Google+!

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