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Make Nap Time Fun with Pillow Bed Covers from Creative Chickie! US 12/8

I guess I shouldn't admit this openly in a blog post since it's such a controversial topic but I'm a proud co-sleeper. Every night for the last 4 years I have let my daughters sleep in bed with me. I never bought a crib or a bassinet or even a pack-n-play during either of my pregnancies because the idea that my bebe's would sleep anywhere else but beside me was never even a passing thought. Each night before bed I'd dress them in the most adorable footed jammies or sack sleepers and snuggled up next to me, in the crook of my arm, they would stay, all night long. I never rolled onto either of them. They never rolled anywhere but over to nurse. Now, they're 4 and 2. Now, they don't roll anywhere. They climb, they jump, they bounce, they sneak or they tiptoe.

It was about the time they started to sleep sideways, upside down, and on top of me that I decided it was time to consider kicking them out of my bed and into their own. I still wake up twice a night to nurse a toddler and again when they rise with the sun so being woken up with to a foot in my mouth in addition wasn't something I was going to tolerate..except I did. For the past 6 months since I first decided to kick the little heathens out of my bed I've clung to whatever excuse I could to keep them with me. They're still too young to sleep alone. They're scared of the dark. They need me. It's easier to nurse my toddler if she's in bed with me, etc. Well, now, all these months later I've finally had enough (maybe) and thanks to Creative Chickie and their adorable Pillow Bed Covers I can finally give them the boot. Well, during nap time at least.

"The designers for CreativeChickie are myself and my 2 daughters, ages 18 & 16.  I do the sewing and they do the crocheting and knitting. We're a home-based business where we create and design together....and my husband never complains about our "creative chaos."

I wish I had know about PIllow Beds when my girls were younger!  They would have been put to good use on sleepovers, going to Grandma and Grandpa's, camping, school, movie watching and just lounging around home.  The possibilities of their use are endless, I've even had a Relaxation Clinic overseas order them for her classes. Our Pillow  Beds are made to hold 4 pillows and have sham-style closures so that the pillows can be removed and the cover washed.  They are offered in 2 sizes:  Standard size and Queen size.  

Approximate measurements:
Standard: 25" x 70", Queen: 29" x 70".  

Our knitted and crocheted Scarves, Cowls are each handmade by my daughters and most of the time are One of a Kind pieces.  They sometimes follow a pattern and other times design a pattern as they create a new accessory piece. They enjoy working with different weights and textures of yarn and lots of different colors!"

Take a look at this enchanting Princess Pillow Bed Cover I was able to review! Isn't the print just lovely!

Sophia was absolutely over the moon when I laid this down for her at nap time for the first time and she saw some of her favorite Disney Princesses on the cover. Being able to hang out with Tiana, Cinderella and Rapunzel were the best incentive I've could have have given her to lay down and take a nap, ever! I loved listening to her name off each princess while I cuddled her younger sister up in bed with me. Not long after she started telling me the stories behind each princess I realized that she had trailed off and had fallen asleep. In record time!

Each of Creative Chickie's Standard Size Pillow Bed Covers, like the one I was sent, is crafted out of 100% Cotton and will fit 4 standard size pillows. It was so easy, once I went out and purchased the pillows, to assemble. My Girls flocked to it instantly! Thanks to the Sham-like closures inserting the pillows was a snap and they fully hide the whites of the pillows within for an adorable finished look. I was also pleased with the washing aspect of the cover. Thanks to the sham-like closures not only is inserting the pillows easy as pie but it's just as easy to remove them and toss the cover in the washer when it gets dirty. With the dirt and cat hair that my kids manage to attract I must say that that is one of my favorite features about Creative Chickie Pillow Bed Covers. There's absolutely no fuss and no muss. No tools, tutorials or instructions needed! They even have Pillow Bed Covers for boys too!

Need extra space for guests, furniture or just want to conserve precious space in a small room? The ingenious design of the pillow bed makes it super easy to fold up neatly and store in even the smallest of places. Lynelle even includes a pretty ribbon to help keep it securely folded!
See how cute the Owl print Pillow Bed converts into a neat little package? Pretty neat! 

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  1. I would choose the Chevron Pillow Bed.. Thank you for this amazing giveaway (:

  2. I like the camouflage pillow bed the best thanks for the chance to win.
    Sarah Oswald