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Preserve Your Loved Ones Memory With Personalized Handwriting Jewelry #giveaway US ends 11/16

Christmas is a bittersweet holiday in our home. Each year as we gather around our tree we're reminded of the empty spaces beside us left by my two brothers who were taken from us too soon. Jordin was 24 when we lost him to suicide in 2004 and James was 34 when a gunshot to the chest during an argument with a friend claimed his life in 2012. 

I can't speak for my family but my memories of my brothers seem to be the most poignant when the Florida weather starts to change. When the leaves begin to turn and it seems that you can taste fall in the air my memories hit hard. I find myself pouring over pictures that I'd normally avoid, standing in places where we once stood together and replaying conversations in my head that seem to have taken place just yesterday. To a lot of people the holidays are about their faith, good food, gifts in abundance, family and cheer. To me and mine the holidays are about remembering. 

A Timeless Impression makes remembering our loved ones easier on the heart and the soul. My review is based around the "Handwriting" jewelry found within.

Capture your loved one’s fingerprints, footprints, handprints and handwriting and turn them into beautiful, artful, wearable jewelry.  These timeless pieces will touch the hearts of those who receive your gift, or design a special piece for yourself.  Cheryl Frazee offers many designs to choose from or the option to design your own.

Cheryl's love of crafts began at an early age and eventually led to jewelry design. She is a self-taught jewelry designer who specializes in metal clay jewelry and has been in the jewelry industry since 2005. She custom designs personalized silver jewelry while incorporating your loved ones personalized impressions. She can used fingerprints, footprints, hand prints, paw prints, handwriting, photos and more. She has many designs to choose from over at her etsy shop, A Timeless Impression and absolutely loves making personalized jewelry. Cheryl is honored whenever someone asks her to create something special for them!


When I heard back from Cheryl that she was all for working with me to include A Timeless
 Impression in our Gift Guide I was beside myself with happiness. I knew the first time I laid
 eyes on her work that her Handwriting pieces were exactly what I'd been looking for to 
memorialize James (my oldest brother) and to help heal a mothers heart that had been not only broken but shattered by the loss of her oldest boys.

I was sent this lovely, custom made heart pendant to review from A Timeless Impression's Handwriting collection. Cheryl was with me every step of the way in personalizing my pendant and it couldn't have been any easier. It took a bit of rummaging around in my brother's things to find the letters he'd written my Mama a few years ago but I was determined and once I had scanned the imagine and sent it over to Cheryl she set to work immediately.

Each piece from A Timeless Impression is made from precious metal clay which is made up from powdered precious metal combined with organic binder and water. It can be modeled, molded or sculpted and then when it can be heated to a high temperature the binder burns away and the precious metal particles fuse together to make solid silver. The finished pieces are 99.9% silver after firing and each piece is handcrafted as well as one of a kind! How neat of a process is that? 

I have no doubt that my Mama is going to treasure this piece for years to come. Ink will fade from his letters and the paper will yellow but this pendant will keep my brothers impression preserved for a lifetime. Cherly Frazee has given us a memory that will never fade.

If you've been looking for a way to preserve your loved ones memory and would like the chance to win a pendant pictured above then hop aboard the rafflecopter! 

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*A note from Cheryl: Winners order will need to be in by 11/20 and handwriting submitted by 11/21 to ensure completion and delivery in time for Christmas!*

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