Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ariana Victoria Rose Multi-Colored Wine Glasses review and #FLASH #giveaway! US 12/20

As many of you faithful readers know I was given the opportunity for last years Gift Guide to work closely with the loveliest shop owner by the name of Ariana who owns and creates her art out of Ariana Victoria Rose on Etsy. For those of you who don't remember and even for you more recent folks who have started to follow us here at Milkwasted here's a little refresher from Ariana herself:

"I cannot remember a time in my life where I was not drawing, painting, or sculpting any medium I could find. Many times I tried selling these unique items I had created, however I was young and not quite ready to blossom in the business world. 

Before the opening of my shop  I had focused on art school and my passion of painting. One of my mother’s co-workers took notice of my artwork and ambition. She asked me to paint her a 32”x40” sugar skull painting (that she would ultimately end up buying from me). Having that extra cash in my wallet re-ignited my yearning to make a living doing what I love. I had heard about selling on Etsy and decided to try it out. My initial inventory was four paintings and a custom-printed phone case. The case had a water color painting I had made of a skeleton couple embracing each other, printed onto the back. The phone case quickly became the most popular item I was selling, and I realized that my painting was resonating with buyers in a way I never imagined.
Wanting to expand my business, I realized I could not meet demand if I was making large paintings like in the past. A friend introduced me to using glass as a medium when she asked me to paint her wine glasses for the bridesmaids in her wedding.  Little did she know that this opened a brand new door for me to explore and expand my passion for painting. Painting glass was fun, quick, and allowed me to put my own spin on this medium, while also being able to keep up with demand for my artwork. My passion for sugar skulls, space, and octopus tentacles began to shine through as signatures of my Etsy shop, and within two months the number of orders I was receiving had tripled. Selling my art has always been a dream of mine, and with the support of my friends and family, Etsy has offered me a platform to make that dream come true."

Last year Ariana sent me a beautiful set of Stemmed Galaxy Wine Glasses for review. They were a huge hit in my home as well as with your fans, which is no surprise considering how perfect they were and how talented Ariana is. I literally had quite the argument with a family member because they wanted them so badly..these days they're kept under lock and key to ensure they don't get broken or snitched from my collection! You can check them out for yourselves below:

 So, if ya'll thought last years wine glasses were the epitome of perfection then I think you're going to love this years. Allow me to introduce the Stemless Crazy Galaxy Wineglasses!

I can honestly say that there was a similar dispute that broken out upon the arrival of these wineglasses. EVERYONE and I do mean everyone wanted them. Wanted to have them. Wanted to use them. You name it and they were wanted for it but since I had dealt with the similar situation last year it was easier to make a show of displaying them in our collection cabinet and firmly telling my family to bugger off!

Actually..what happened was this: the wine glasses arrived, I unpacked them and my older brother promptly stole one and drank from it. I tried to be firm and tell him to step off of my lovelies but as it always is and always will be when it comes to my brothers my warnings were quite useless. and I was okay with it.

Now, however they're stored in our Wine Cabinet next to their sisters and there they will stay until New Years Eve when we'll take them out and make our end of the year toasts before washing them and storing them away again. I have dubbed them the special occasion wine glasses.

Since each of these wineglasses is hand painted by Ariana they are a one of a kind set and no two wine glasses are exactly the same. They're painted with Enamel that is cured twice for longevity and although the brand she uses states the paint is dishwasher safe Ariana herself recommends gentle hand washing to help avoid chips and scratches. Also, be sure to use mild soap and lukewarm water in conjunction with a soft sponge. I know I'd be devastated if anything were to happen to them!

Wine glasses just not your thing? Don't be discouraged; Ariana has a host of different items to choose from ranging from Mugs, Purses, Pet Bowls and more! With a wide variety of hand-painted creations you're sure to find something everyone will love when you visit AVR on etsy.

Connect with Ariana on Facebook|Etsy|Instagram and never miss an update!

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  1. I'm loving your Hand Painted Faux Leather Sugar Skull and Stargazer Lily Purse it's beautiful!


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  4. The sugar skull travel mug or the coffee cup but of course everything else is beautiful.

  5. CONNIE = Rose

    My favorite item is the Hand painted 18oz galaxy wine glasses. Thanks again for the great giveaway!

  6. In love with the hand printed dream catcher mason jar

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