Monday, December 22, 2014

Jinxy Jewels Holiday Gift Guide Review and Giveaway! 1/13

When I was given the opportunity to work with Jinxy Jewels to review their Fandom & Fashion Jewelry and feature them in our Holiday Gift Guide I was so excited. I don't know about my readers but I'm a sucker for Fandom artifacts myself so when I came across Jinxy Jewels and reached out to the awesome proprietress, Jessica, I'll admit to geeking out (just a little bit) when she agreed to work with us this year. From Necklaces, to earrings, Bracelets and Rings, whether you're looking for Fandom jewelry to make proudly display your loyalty or Fashion jewelry to make a statement, Jinxy Jewels is the place to go for all of your accessory needs during the holiday season and the upcoming New Year!

Check out what Jessica has to say about her business while you gear up for the fan(tastic) review I have planned for ya'll:

"Hello! My name is Jessica, but I'm also known as Jinx. I run JinxyJewels from my home in Tennessee. JinxyJewels offers an affordable collection of handmade jewelry based on popular shows, books and movies, as well as a variety of fashion jewelry to accessorize any style with. A fun mix of charms and supplies for your own unique creations can also be found at JinxyJewels. I love hearing from you, so feel free to chat with me anytime!"

I was sent a pair of gorgeous Amethyst Earrings, an Amethyst Bracelet and Mushroom with Mario Star Necklace for review!

The Amethyst Dangle Earrings are made from Amethyst Chips and are absolutely gorgeous. Jessica uses Silver earring hooks that really go well with the stunning purple of the Amethyst and when paired with the Amethyst Bracelet they make for the perfect outfit accessories for a casual day out. Each pair of Amethyst earrings will vary in size depending on the size of the chips used and no two will ever be exactly the same!

The Amethyst Bracelet is perfectly paired with the Dangle Earrings, as I mentioned earlier, and is crafted out of the same Amethyst chips. Jessica uses Black bicone beads that perfectly offset the purple of the Amethyst. One fun fact about Amethyst that some of my readers might not be away of is that it's the birthstone of February and also said to make the wearer gentle and good-natured.

Last but not least and certainly my favorite is the Mushroom with Mario Inspired Star Necklace! My love for an old classic really shines through with this piece of Fandom Jewelry. Who doesn't remember spending Saturday afternoons holed up playing Super Mario or for later generations, Mario 64, gathering stars and getting super sized via Mushrooms? The Necklace is strung on a silver chain and comes with Mushroom Charm and a dazzling yellow Star container which gives it a Mario feel while including it's own personal touch. I have no problem representing my Mario pride with this piece!

Want to win a matching Dangle Earring and Amethyst set for yourself? Just get your entries in on the Rafflecopter form below and stay tuned to see if you've been picked as our winner!

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  1. I love the silver turtle charms. They are adorable!

  2. My favorite is the Mario necklace you showed above! But I love all the cute Alice in Wonderland things, especially this necklace
    How cute! And great prices!
    Mrsbrockavich48 (at)gmail (dot)com

  3. CONNIE = Rose

    I really like the Clear Lana Lang Smallville inspired necklace. I could wear it with anything!