Thursday, March 19, 2015

Saying goodbye to your on campus book stores and hello to Campus Book Rentals!

With a new semester on the rise for college goers there's a noticeable buzz of activity on and around our local campus. The parking lots are full, students are mulling around getting new schedules, familiarizing themselves with where their classes are going to be located and teachers are going in to start setting up their classrooms for the next round of students. While there are so many exciting parts about getting ready for school to begin there is one part of the process that I personally know can be a real downer: purchasing new textbooks. It's the  most dreaded occurrence of every new semester and I ought to know since I spent a few semesters shelling out moolah for the expensive things myself.

If you'd like to save a few bucks this semester than I can't recommend Campus Book Rentals enough. Created to help college goers save money on their course materials and get them the best deals for their money, Campus Book Rentals will beat your Campus bookstore hands down. While your campus bookstore will charge an arm and a leg for their new books Campus Book Rentals can save you up to 40-90% on materials purchased through their website. They also save you money by providing FREE shipping since we all know that regardless of whether we're students or not, shipping books of any size/weight can get pretty pricey.

One of my favorite things about Campus Book Rentals, other than the fact that their rental periods are flexible based on your needs, is that you can highlight text straight from your books. No more having to take notes by hand--when you find an important passage that you want to remember for later you can just take your trusty highlighter and mark it. No worrying about additional fines or penalties for marking up materials, you can highlight to your hearts content!

All of those perks sound pretty awesome, right--Well, Campus Book Rentals sweetens the deal by donating a portion of each purchase to Operation Smile. Not familiar with Operation Smile? Operation Smile is a wonderful international organization that performs safe, effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery for patients who otherwise couldn't afford the potentially life saving surgery. If that isn't worth smiling about then I don't know what it!

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  1. I sure wish I had known about stores like this one, when I went to college. I wasted a lot of money on books...