Sunday, December 20, 2015

Adorable Board Books for Toddlers from the Little Bamboo on Amazon!

Every since I was a little child I have loved to read. Of course, reading didn't come easy to me in the beginning, I went through many teachers who tried and failed to teach me the basics of reading & comprehension but it just didn't take. When I finally did meet the teacher that would be the one to unlock the secrets of reading in my little brain, it really took and I began to read anything I could get my hands on. Ingredient lists, everything in my school library, even my parents extensive collection of books; there wasn't anything that was off limits to me after I finally got the basics of reading down. To this day my love for reading exceeds my love for anything else, save for my children.

These days, I'm busy trying to reach my own children how to love books but being as how they're only 2 and 4 it's a bit of an uphill battle. A girl can still dream and in the meantime, I can still start building up a collection for them. After all, who says I can't read to them until they learn to do it for themselves?

I was recently asked to work with Monika's Marketplace on Amazon to review a 4 pack of their Toddler Board Books. Given my love for books and the collection I've started putting together for my little ones, I just couldn't say no. The Board Book Set comes with 4 great books to choose from: The Dinosaur Book, The Reptile Book, The Farm Book and the Jungle Book.

Each of these wonderful books will make a great addition to any book lovers collection and are a cinch to read, even if you're reading them aloud or your little ones are just starting out learning for themselves. The Toddler Board books boast beautifully vibrant pictures that will keep your little one captivated throughout their exploration and each one is made of super sturdy, so no matter what age they are the books will hold up to the abuse they'll withstand over the years. Another thing that I love about these books in particular is that the font is big so it makes it easier for little ones to read rather than having to struggle with tiny font.

Easy to clean, easy to read and able to stand up to just about anything, these books are definitely a great gift for the special little ones in your life. My little ones have loved having me read these to them before bedtime these last few months and I know yours will love them too!


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