Friday, December 11, 2015

Keep Your Hands Warm This Winter with Mittens from Mad About Mittens!

After months of sweltering summer heat and the humid beginning of fall, we're finally starting to get the kind of weather that warrants long sleeves and sweaters. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it never gets cold enough for real jackets, boots or snow but to this Florida girl it still gets cold enough that I feel the need to turn up the heat and avoid going outside at all costs. Last night for example, it was cold enough that I slept with both of my little ones in bed with me and ordered them to bed in their warmest flannel pajamas. It is officially the start of winter here in Florida.

One thing that I always tell myself, when the weather starts to warm up again, is that next year I'm going to take proactive steps to make sure everyone stays warm for next winter. This means hitting the sales in spring when jackets and coats are going on sale and making sure that the kiddos have a fresh new winter wardrobe to help protect them from the cold. The only thing I always seem to miss are warm mittens to keep our hands warm, I forget every winter and regret it on the days we spend running and playing outside when the sun decides to peek through the clouds; we always return inside with our fingers burning with cold.

Thankfully this year I was able to grab a few pairs for my little ones before the cool weather started creeping in. I was also given the wonderful opportunity to work with a fabulous etsy shop called Mad About Mittens, who sent me several pairs of their cozy woolen mittens to review here on my blog and to share my opinions with my readers. My poor cold fingers couldn't have been more grateful for the chance!

Here is what Kathy, the creative mind behind Mad About Mittens, has to say about her shop and the inspiration behind it:

"My Etsy shop opened in 2010 after being inspired not only for my love of mittens, and the feel of warm, soft wool, but also for my love of being eco-friendly.  The wool lends natural fiber warmth and, when paired with blizzard fleece lining, your hands will be toasty and warm even on the coldest, blustery day or night.  I hand craft each and every pair of mittens, which are made from quality rescued sweaters that have seen their better days, and are reborn into fashionable, yet functional, chic mittens!  Styles range from rustic, whimsical, to classic sophistication. 
My home-based shop is located in a valley in Southwest Montana, where I am surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains on all sides.  The beauty of nature both surrounds and inspires me in my creations ~ from the vibrant blues of a bluebird hopping along the fence line during my morning walk, to the earth tones captured in the billowing grasses and foothills that surround my home.
I am so blessed to have a wonderful, supportive husband, who is also my biggest fan!  Also aiding and abetting in the creative process are my two feline assistants:  Max and Polly.  Unless they are fast asleep in their baskets, they can be more of a hindrance than help and are, at times, banished from the shop; however the sweet kitty smiles and purrs tend to make each day a little brighter, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Mad About Mittens is all about “spreading the warmth” one pair of mittens at a time!  Seeing my mittens sell to all parts of the world puts a big smile on my face and in my heart, and I am so appreciative of my customers, knowing I can bring a little bit of coziness into their lives."

The Mauve and Light Tan Heart Mittens are by far my favorite listing that I've seen at Mad About Mittens. With their adorable heart designs and dots on the underside, they couldn't have been more perfect for me. Sweet but not overly done or too girlified for my tastes. Each pair of mittens from Mad About Mittens is made from upcycled wool sweaters and custom buttons and each is unique so you'll never find another pair like it!

The Orange, Purple and Pink Mittens are another example of how awesome Kathy's work is at Mad About Mittens. I especially like this pair because of how well the colors contrast with one another. Did I mention how soft each pair of mittens are? The outside is soft to the touch but the inside is like sliding your hands into a cocoon of the softest material ever made. I loved tugging these on and enjoying the warmth they lent to my palms and fingers.

Overall, Mad About Mittens has been a joy to work with. Kathy was easy to talk to and shipped out my mittens very quickly so I could have them in time for the winter months. I would definitely recommend working with her to submit your order for her fabulous mittens!

You can connect with Mad About Mittens on Facebook so you never miss the latest designs and news!


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