Thursday, March 22, 2012

I was recently with a friend, having a girls day with her and my little, when the topic of Homosexuality was brought up. This is nothing new as we are constantly discussing a wide range of topics..

I am all for same sex relations. I believe everyone should be able to choose who they love freely, regardless of gender or race thing I've always wondered is this:

Lesbian couples. It isn't very often you see two feminine women in a relationship with one another. Its always the very feminine and the women who dress like the male counterpart in a relationship.

Why do this? Isn't the purpose of lesbianism to remove yourself as far from the male sex as humanly possible and commit yourself to being with another woman? I may be asking all the wrong questions, or possibly even offending some viewers but I am sincerely curious about this topic.

Why is it that lesbian couples appear to want a clear definition of who is who in their relationships? What makes some women stick with the feminine side of things and others to lean more towards a male persona?

Is this a question of identity? A simple matter of following the pattern of generations past? Some underlying element that I'm simply missing, being that I am heterosexual?

Will I never know the answer?!


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