Monday, April 16, 2012

Treat Everything You Do Like You're Doing It For The Last Time..

Sometimes we don't get a choice. Sometimes we don't get to put our two cents in. Sometimes there's this little thing called the facts of life and one of the facts of life is that we right now in this very moment might be taking our last breath. We might be washing dishes for the very last time on this earth. We might be checking our emails for the last time.

You just tucked your kids in to bed, maybe for the last time.
Your Mother/Father just called..Did you them how much you love them?

We don't get a choice. Thats just life, and being just life are we really going to spend the precious time we have being petty..holding grudges..searching for ways to get back at others or to bring them down so they feel as miserable as we do?

I'm so sick of everyone and their bulls**t. We just lost another member of OUR family. How many more is it going to take before everyone gets their heads out of their asses?! The words of love you whisper, the hugs and the kisses mean absolutely nothing if all thats behind them is a chasm of emptiness.

Forgive. Start rebuilding bridges. DO SOMETHING OTHER THAN SIT AT HOME AND LET YOUR MISERY FESTER! Stop the lies, the games, the manipulation and the pointing of fingers. Stop with the holier than thou bs! Last I checked we were all the same. No one any more or any less than the guy sitting next to him.

Just stop. Cherish what you have. Don't let another day go by letting someone else think that you hate their guts...cause one day it'll be them laying in a casket and you shedding more tears of grief, and regret over your petty bullsh*t and things in your heart that you want to say but never got a chance to because you were too eaten up with misery to say.

Friends won't always be there for you. Friendships fail.

Turn to family. Every family is screwed up. Every family has its problems, whether they be flesh wounds or something even more deeply rooted. Like it or not family is connected by an invisible yet unbreakable cord. People will drift away, people will refuse to speak to one another but we will always be it or not. So make the best of it.

Call the person you claim to hate and tell them that you love them. Tell them you are sorry..cause it might be the last chance you ever get.

But who ever listens to the unimportant ramblings of the family psycho anyways. What does she know?

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  1. bravo! well said with wisdom beyond your years!