Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nursing Multiples Made Easy: My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow Review

There are so many challenges when it comes to Breast Feeding and I think with Sophie I faced a lot of them. Crackage, bleeding, leaking, poor latch etc. After a long road of problems we became a very successful BFing couple and to this day we're still going strong.

With the exception of the first 3 days after bringing little Desmond home..I cried often during those first days when I should have been blissfully unaware of anything but my beautiful new addition; instead I was painfully aware of the chasm that had opened between Sophia and myself, seemingly from out of nowhere.

My 2 year old took one look at our newborn and decided right then and there that she didn't want a thing to do with her. With either of us. The pitiful girl I'd talked to on the phone just the night before was gone and in her place was a resentful toddler.

Many tears (on my side) and tantrums (on her side) later I was surprised when Sophie, rather reluctantly, cuddled up to me and, I think, in a jealous moment as Desi was nursing, decided she was ready to forgive me and resume her place. On the available boob.

Balance was restored that night and in its footsteps came yet another bump in the road. I was now nursing two babies.

I don't know too many women who have or are tandum nursing but I can say from experience that its no easy feat. Desi had her preferred side and Sophie had hers. Sophie was constantly wanting to switch and Desi, as a newborn, was constantly changing sides as well; you can imagine the challenge, especially given the fact that no Milk Supply is infinite.

I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was trying to nurse them both at the same time!

Let me tell ya, I tried everything those first few weeks to help aid me in finding my niche while Bfing my two girls. You know how it is: You try using everything available to you to make it easier on you while just having one infant at the breast. Trying to make life easier with two was almost impossible.

I tried using folded up diapers to help support one Breast while holding the other, I tried doubled-up socks, folded towels, pillows and even the Boppy I used while nursing Sophie as an infant. Not a single one of those methods worked, nothing stayed in place (keeping in mind I'm also a bigger busted woman anyways) and most importantly Desi was constantly losing the latch we'd just barely perfected. Period! I was a week away from losing it!

Lucky for me I had just gotten in contact with one of the most life saving companies I've come across in the BFing world. I'd like to introduce you Nursing, Tandum Nursing and Expectant Mothers out there to My Breast Friend.

"My Brest Friend was developed in a “laboratory” of new moms, babies, and breastfeeding experts who set out to do what no one had done before: create a pillow whose sole purpose was to answer all the needs of breastfeeding moms and babies.

Spearheading the effort was inventor Andrew Zenoff, a bachelor who proved that sometimes the best ideas come from those who have just enough distance from a problem to imagine solutions that have never been considered before.

First, Andrew and his team compiled a list of every complaint breastfeeding moms could think of with the existing pillows. The list ranged from lower back pain due to improper support, to poor latch-on, to babies “rolling” inward or away during the feeding due to using U-shaped pillows.

This began a lengthy cycle of design and test, followed by redesign and retest until we had built over 50 prototypes in a single year. We poked, prodded, raised, lowered, tightened, loosened, shifted and adorned until, at last, we had a pillow that our mom testers loved so much, they couldn’t find a single way to improve upon it. Then, and only then, did we introduce My Brest Friend to mothers everywhere."
16 years later and My Brest Friend Pillows are stilling going strong and are being sold in 33 different countries. This unique and revolutionary pillow is also used in Birthing Hospitals and is recommended by Lactation Consultants as well.

I can say from personal experience that My Brest Friend has a new friend in this Tandum nursing Mama; I honestly don't know what I was doing before coming across this amazing Nursing Pillow.

I was sent a Twin/Plus Size in the Fireworks Design and have been using my Nursing pillow faithfully for going on 6 months with absolutely no complaints and no plans to deviate from its usage.Breast Feeding both Sophia, the boob hog and Desi, the constant nurser, has never been easier!

In addition to having a cute design, the My Brest Friend Pillow is also very easy to use and clean. I've found that if I'm feeling particularly lazy that I can just slip the pillow over my head and adjust it around my middle but really its so easy that even on my laziest of days its a 2 second process. Just unlatch the clasp, place it around your waist and clip it closed again. Voila, time to break out the Nene's and give your babies a little tummywash!

To clean, the cover just unzips and can be throw in the wash for a quick, easy clean; additionally, once dry, the cover simply slips right back on again!

I also love the comfort of this particular Nursing pillow. Its soft but not so soft that it causes myself or the girls discomfort and also helps with back support which is a common issue with Breast Feeding Mothers. We're often hunched over while nursing which leads to pesky back problems later. Ouch!

I've never been more comfortable while nursing than I've been these past 6 months while using My Brest Friend's Twin pillow. Its my personal, though not professional, opinion that if you are expecting or if you're already BF and struggling to find that comfortable BFing zone then you should throw out that old Boppy and give this wonderful pillow a try.

To find out more about My Brest Friend, their products and their History you can find them online at www.mybrestfriend.com.

To keep up with the latest happenings at My Brest Friend you can become a follower via Facebook or Twitter or both and never miss a thing!


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