Monday, October 7, 2013

Join Us for The Exciting Opportunity To Feature Educational Toys Planet On Our Blog!

Here at Slow Road to Insanity we've been given another wonderful opportunity to review with a company that has become one of my favorites since joining the Mommy Blogger industry a little over two years ago; we've recently been asked to participate in another string of reviews for Educational Toys Planet and its no surprise that we've happily agreed!

There are no shortages of Birthdays and special occasions for the youngsters in our home so it goes without saying that we're always wandering through the toys sections at our nearest Walmarts, Targets and on occasion, Toys 'R' Us looking for the latest gadgets. This year Educational Toys Planet it making it easy, yet again, to find playthings that are not only fun but educational for our kiddos as well.

Interested in seeing what Educational Toys Planet has up its sleeve this time around? Check back soon and read our review on the latest from our favorite Educational friends!


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