Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ponytail Pals Review and Giveaway! 11/06

I freely admit to having little to no knowledge of what it takes to fit in with the other girls. I mean, in all honesty, I still have my older sister do my makeup from time to time and am still asking for fashion advice at 24. Sad, right? What can I say I was raised by the boys and never excelled at fitting in with the other girls. 

When I had Sophie I thought there might be some hope..If I had another little girl with little girls needs I'd be forced to adapt and I'd come out with some necessary girl skills that I'd always lacked..right? I managed to delude myself big time. Sophie, now two, still only sports one of two hairstyles..Crooked ponytail and a plain ole hanging at the shoulders do, unless of course my sisters have gotten ahold of her and then in which case she might be sporting a cute braid or some pretty pigtails. Obviously I can't do either.

So, now that I've admitted yet another short-coming of mine I'd like to say what this post is really about. Its about hair, yes but not of my lack of managed it per say.

I'd like to talk a bit about Ponytail Pals and the opportunity I've been given to work with them. 

Ponytail Pals were born when designer, Lisa Moy, visited a New York baby boutique and purchased a baby blanket with a little stuffed bunny on it.  Once home, she cut the bunny off the blanket and sewed it onto a ponytail band. Ponytail Pals are a high quality hair accessory that combines the utility of a ponytail holder with the friendship and emotional attachment of a favorite cuddly stuffed animal.  The brand captures the innocence and uninhibited imagination of childhood through unique and affordable products that bear elements of surprise, whimsy and delight.  Ponytail Pals are available online at and at select stores nationwide and retail for $8.99 each.

Ponytail Pals are available in 12 cuddly animal pals and to my delight I was sent an the super sweet Elephant Ponytail Pal to help facilitate my review.

Sophie loves her new buddy and the Elephant is her constant companion whether its in her hair or wrapped around her wrist. We can't hardly ever leave the house without it and we're subject to endure a toddler sized meltdown if we even try.

Ponytail Pals are not only cute and the perfect hair accessory but it also happens to be super easy to use. Just like a regular hair tie it goes around the hank of hair you're wanting to put up and making sure you place the Ponytail Pal at the base of the ponytail, first, you wrap it around to the desired number of times to keep it in place and voila, even the clumsiest of hair doers have a cute ponytail they'd be proud to send their little princess out with.

Want to make sure you stay in touch with the latest happenings over at Ponytail Pals? Head on over and add them on Facebook. Never miss an update again!

If you love ponytail pals as much as we do head on down to the Rafflecopter form below and fill out the easy entries for your chance to win one Ponytail Pal (selected at random) for your little one or heck, for yourself!
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