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Delight Your Senses with Ecofriendly Birdhouses by Winestone Birdhouses! US 12/9

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We've touched on the fact, before, that my taste in home decor is rather eclectic. Well, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't begin at the front door. Everywhere you look, on these few acres of mine, is another nook or cranny that contains a little surprise, if your eyes are good. From toad houses to fairy cottages, cowboy boot planters to birdhouses fashioned from gourds and brightly colored garden markers to pinwheels blowing in the breeze, you just never know what you're going to see. My love of birdhouses began in Texas about 20 years ago. It seemed that every tiny little shop in each small town had a bird house or two that was completely out of the ordinary. I loved them and before long, had a small collection. Fast forward to this year. I was browsing shops on Etsy and came across a shop that had, hands down, the most wonderful little birdhouses I had ever seen!

  Artisan Layla Coats of Winestone Birdhouses, creates what she likes to call Functional Mosaic Garden Art. Handcrafted in Central Oregon, these weather resistant and Eco-friendly birdhouses are made from natural and recycled materials such as river rocks, garden stones, wine corks, wood rounds, sea shells, beach glass and more. The description simply does not do these little nuggets of homespun awesomeness justice. Not at all. They truly must be seen experienced to be believed!

Here is a photo of the birdhouse I was sent (just so you can get a little taste of it's whimsical incredible-ness) Isn't this the greatest little birdhouse you've ever seen?

I am so head-over-heels for it that words just escape me! What you can't see in the photo is the amazing attention to detail that Layla employs. Each stone, bead, and wine cork comes together in a totally organic way that just boggles the mind. Each piece is fully weather coated to withstand the elements and will last for years in your garden (if you can bear to let it out of your sight) There ARE imitations out there...but you can be absolutely sure of the origin and quality of Layla's pieces.

You can connect with Winestone Birdhouses on Etsy|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest and make sure you never miss out on the latest happenings!

Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity...without it, you are simply NOT getting a Winestone Birdhouse! Are you ready for this? Layla has generously offered one of our readers the chance to win one of her wonderful birdhouses! Read on for a description!

Decorative Stone Bird house finished in Red Wine Mosaics with a Rose, Squirrel and Cherub ~
Handmade from recycled and organic materials. The entrance done in a iridescent colored glass, there is a rose and various colorful agates.

Naturally tumbled Oregon Coast Agates,twinkly river stones from Leavenworth, Wa, Obsidian from Central Or, and other various rocks and pebbles hand picked from my many ventures of the North West complete this unique piece.

This bird house is 4" x 3.5" x 2.5" (decoration only but weather proof for your garden)

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    Love them all !

  2. These bird houses are great -- I love them all. My favorite is the Amethyst Mosaic Birdhouse with Stones,flowers

  3. CONNIE = Rose

    My bil is big on birdhouses and his beer so I think the Brewery Beer Birdhouse would be perfect for him :)

  4. CONNIE = Rose

    Oh the link is

    I also put the link in the widget...wasn't sure if I needed to put it in the comments too but am doing so just in case :)

  5. i absolutely adore them all...but if i must pick one favorite, it would be

  6. I love the Mosaic Gingerbread House full of Christmas, snowflakes and Snowmen holiday decor birdhouse the best.
    Sarah Oswald

  7. I liked the Brewery Beer Outdoor hanging Stone Bird House with Oregon Obsidian and West Coast beer caps.

  8. My favorite is the Mosaic Stone Bird house and Feeder