Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Gift of Art by Nikki Etched Wine Glass Review and $30 Promo Code Giveaway! US 12/9

Nothing stresses me out like the holidays. For 2 months out of the year it's all about cooking, cleaning, hoards of family members coming and going, endless shopping, bickering and noise. Noise, noise, noise! From Thanksgiving to Christmas I feel like there's nothing but nonstop chatter in my head and it drives me bonkers! I live a pretty solitary life. We live in an extended family home with my folks, my sisters family and one older brother but we're hardly ever home at the same time so it's relatively quiet if you can get past the noise my babies make on a daily basis. Aside from that I'm very used to peace and quiet but with the arrival of the holidays all that and my sanity goes flying out the window.

So, it's not surprise that I've broken down and bought myself a few bottles of Moscato to help ease the burden. There is nothing better than getting the babies settled down for the night and being able to pour myself a generous glug of Moscato into a gorgeous Silver Tree Etched Wineglass from The Gift of Art by Nikki. This made to order wineglass is absolutely gorgeous and is hand painted by Nikki Seiling, the artist behind Gift of Art, to give it the unique look I love in each treasure I bring into my home. Isn't it gorgeous?

The Tree is hand etched by the artist and not by machine as you see done in a lot of companies. The only thing better than having someone take the time to do that with each individual piece is the fact that you can see straight through to the beverage within. Maybe it's because I'm easily amused, especially when having a glass of wine, (I'm a light weight through and through) but I like to give the glass a gentle tilt every now and then to see the wine slosh around inside. Again, maybe it's just me, but it really is a calming way to spend the evening. Being able to see the envious looks on my Mama and Sisters faces are just an added bonus.

Painted with non-toxic, Metallic paint, sealed with a clear coat, and heat cured this beautiful wine glass makes an excellent addition to our wine glass collection and measures 8.75" tall making it easy to fit into our collectors cabinet as well. With a storage capacity of 19oz you're sure to be able to relax after a stressful day once you fill 'er up with your wine of choice!

Did I mention that in addition to the gorgeous wine glass I was sent for review that Nikki also included several of her Wine Glass Charms for me as well, as an extra gift and thank you for including her in this years Gift Guide? Nikki makes each charm by hand using durable memory wire and semi-precious stone chips as well as glass beads. You'll never get your glasses mixed up with these adorable charms.

Head over to her shop and check out all of the available options she has in stock; they not only give your glass an added touch of charm (see what I did there) but they also make fantastic, affordable, stocking stuffers! I can't speak for your wine lovers but I can speak for mine and I know they'd love to have these included among their stocking stuffers come Christmas morning. 

You can connect with The Gift of Art by Nikki Seiling on Etsy|Facebook and make sure you never miss the latest and greatest additions to her shop or the chance to snag something for yourself or a loved one.

Want to win the chance to win your very own unique creation from The Gift of Art by Nikki Seiling? Well, you're in luck my friends because I just so happen to have a $30 promotional code up for grabs for the shop. You can take a look around and pick whatever item(s) suits your fancy..all you have to do is fill out the forms on the Rafflecopter form below and get those entries in! 
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  1. I like the Hooty Owl painted wine glasses.


    I like the Midnight Moon Hand-Painted 18.5oz Large White Wine Glasses Set of 2 Made to Order original one of a kind design moon on blue gradient sky.