Sunday, November 30, 2014

Give Yourself Some Peace of Mind with Toddler Safety Harnesses and Backpacks from Netty's Nook Review and Giveaway! US 12/12

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a bit of an agoraphobic. Ever since I was a teenager I've found myself crushed under the anxiety that being out in public brings. Although I do venture out from time to time to do some late night shopping or special occasion outings I honestly just prefer to stay home and avoid the crowds as much as possible. That being said I bet you can guess how well that translates into taking my children out in public places--don't get me wrong though, we do go out from time to time but generally speaking it's usually only to go to the grocery store.

A big part of my fear about public places with my children is that we'll get separated. I know as parents that a lot of my readers can relate to that fear and also know how easy it is to accidentally get separated from your kiddo in the blink of an eye. They usually turn up again just as quickly but not before we experience that split second of sheer panic that comes with losing our babies. We all know, though, that sometimes not everyone is as lucky as simply misplacing their child for a second or two. Some parents have their children snatched from them and endure hours if not a lifetime of suffering. That is my biggest fear.

So, it's one full day until December and with the 12th month comes the arrival of Santa Clause at just about every local mall in America. Pictures with Santa is the one thing every year that my family and I never miss. We go all out with outfits, shoes, hair styles and accessories. I buy the best package available and this year I'm even considering snagging a special holiday frame too! Well, I know I'm not the only one who thinks the mall crush is out of control during that small window when Santa is available. Last year the line itself was out the mall door. I can only imagine how shifty eyed I must have looked to anyone passing by because I remember just how paranoid I had been, standing in line with both of my girls, as people crowded in too close and passed by more than once. It was terrifying and I knew I had to come up with a system for this year.

When I was given the green light to review a Toddler Security Leash Backpack from an Etsy shop called Netty's Nook I was quite excited. Ever since early September I've been gearing myself up for the Christmas shopping I knew was inevitable and with the mental prep came the fear I mentioned earlier. My Security Leash Backpack couldn't have arrived to me at a better time and Desmond couldn't keep her excitement at bay. We tried it on as soon as it was free of the tissue paper.

Please, excuse the diaper pic.

I couldn't have been more pleased with our Toddler Pack. Desi isn't the frills and lace type like her older sister, Sophia, so when I saw the flowers and cute little jewel embellishments I knew it was perfect for our Des. The design hit me with a bit of nostalgia from my own childhood and reminds  me of similar tastes every time we walk to our mailbox. Every day that she accompanies me and I ask, "Do you want to check the mail with Mommy?" she makes a beeline for her packpack and on it goes. I don't ever have to beg or bribe. We've even had a few fights break out, between the two girls, about who the backpack belongs to and who gets to wear it and when. Talk about siblings contention.

One of my favorite things about Netty's Nook is that they've designed their Backpacks so that you can store away the leash when you're not using it and the backpack takes on the appearance of an ordinary toddler backpack. Most Security Harness Packs are unable to be disguised but with these you can just tuck away the leash and store your childs' favorite on-the-go items in the pack just like any other bag. Desmond likes that feature too, when Mommy isn't tugging her about and preventing her from running off she's tucking her sippy cup into the back and toting toys back and forth.

I do admit to being a little skeptical about the thinness of the "leash" as well as the clip lanyard used to secure it to the backpack but I've got to tell you I'm quite impressed overall. Desi is a little tank. Compared to her tall and willowy older sister she's a short, compact little thing who uses brute strength to get her way and even through her fits where she's thrown herself down or forward, the leash has held strong with absolutely no issues! That in itself is quite an accomplishment in my opinion.

Measuring approximately 10 x 8 with a chest measurement of 3.5 across when closed and secured by a expertly sewn on button closure you'll feel secure when out in public with your little one while knowing they'll only be 19in away while the Security Leash is in use. I know I'm more at ease while going out in public with my children now that I have one of these nifty packs with me!

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Now, who wants to win a One of a Kind, Unique, Netty's Nook creation all for themselves or a loved one/friend? I can't see through cyberspace, I wish, BUT I do know I'm sensing some hand raising going on.

So, get your entries in on the rafflecopter form below for your chance to win one in stock item of your choice from the fabulous proprietress over at Netty's Nook and stayed tuned for the announcement of the winner on 12/12!

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  1. what a great idea! added security and a helping hand...can't beat it!

  2. I think I like the Animal print and sparkle toddler backpack/ safety harness

  3. I like the bubble guppy backpack these are just so cool i allways said i would never put my kid on a leash type of thing but this is not like that its really neat