Friday, April 11, 2014

Every Cent Counts When Saving Your Hard Earned Money!

Before I had my girls I had absolutely no concept of being smart with my money. I spent every penny I had just as soon as I got it and I didn't think anything of it until it was gone. Then of course I needed it and didn't have it. I spent quite a few years with my terrible money spending habits and then I had my daughters. Boy, did I learn quick that I couldn't simply let my money burn a hole in my pocket anymore. I cut out a lot of the junk I deemed unnecessary and I still had trouble until I actually sat down and made myself a plan.

I cut out all frivolous purchases. Food purchases, unless it was going in the fridge for meals during the week, were also cut out. Basically unless it was for a necessary bill and yes, I do mean necessary, it was cut from my budget. I traded in my regular checking card for a prepaid card that blocked overages or any charges that exceeded what I had in the bank. I made a point to keep close track on what I had coming in each month and listed every last cent I made so I could keep track of it all.

My methods may drastically differ from the next persons but below is a great bundle of information for the money conscious or those who are looking for better ways to manage their money. There are some great tips in there that I myself will greatly benefit from as well. So, if you're looking to save money in today's economy check it out!

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