Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bear Paw Meat Handling Forks Review and Giveaway! US 5/27

Here in our home we're a huge fan of crock pot dinners. They're easy, they're convenient and while they may not be quick the preparation time sure is and then you can just forget about it for a few hours while the crock pot does all the work. One of our favorite meals to cook in the crock pot is a nice pot roast or pork roast. I love it because all I have to do is season the meat, cut up my ingredients, dump 'em all in, put a little bit of water in the bottom and walk away.

By the time everyone comes home for the night dinner is as easy as unplugging the crock pot and putting it on the table. The only trouble with this process is getting the meat out and serving it. I know I'm not the only one who has burned herself on a steaming Roast as I've tried to cut/serve it. I also happen to know that I'm not the only one who would prefer to skip the greasy fingers and accompanying mess of handling meats. I've always been a little clumsy with a meat fork and regular cutlery just doesn't seem to cut it so when I started surfing around the web to find a utensil that would help with my meat related challenges.

By sheer luck I came across a fellow blogger who has featured Bear Paw Products on their blog and after reading the glowing review of their Bear Paws I found myself reaching out to the company in the hopes to review their products myself and to see if they were the answer I'd been looking for.

Much to my delight they did indeed turn out to be a dream come true.

My crockpot troubles were officially over, I no longer suffered from burned fingers and I was shredding pork roast for barbecue sandwiches with an ease I'd never experienced before. The Turkey we bought for Easter this year? The menfolk had no problem carving that bad boy up with the help of our Bear Paws!

Its been fabulous having such handy little helpers and my favorite part is not that they've solved my meat handling challenges but that they're so easy to use and easy to CLEAN! There's nothing I loathe more than doing all the dirty dishes that accumulate in a day but with Bear Paws all I have to do is wash them with hot soapy water and ta-da, all clean.

So, now that I've rambled on enough I bet you're jonesing to get your hands on a pair yourself, aren't you? Then you're in luck because the wonderful folks over at Bear Paws have generously offered one of you lucky readers the chance to win a pair for yourself. You'll be the envy of your fellow Barbeque mates when you show up with a pair of these wonderful utensils in your choice of either: Pink, Black or White.

All you have to do is fill out the super easy entries on the Rafflecopter form below and check back soon to see if you've been picked as our winner!

To find out more about Bear Paws you can visit them on their convenient online location.

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