Thursday, May 15, 2014

Get the Lashes of Your Dreams with Younique 3D Fiber Lash: Review

I was given the opportunity recently to review a product that has starred in my dreams since I first laid eyes on it. I've never been an expert when it comes to the more girly side of life but one thing I was taught was to always play up the eyes and with this product I've found its easier than ever to give my blue eyes the bold look that I adore.

Ladies, let me introduce you to my new favorite, game changing, product, Moodstruck Fiber Lashes by Younique.

Now, I know a lot of you like to reserve special products or looks for going out on the town or for an important event but since I'm just starting out and am a SAHM I tend to apply makeup on a whim. Staying home with two girls constantly takes it out of me so there are days after they've gone down for a nap and I've had the chance to add a few extra minutes to my shower routine, that I want to do a little something extra and feel pretty instead of rundown and tired. So, this little duo has been getting tons of use over the last month or two. I can't help it, I LOVE it that much.

I will admit that after reading some of the reviews that I was a little intimidated to try the Moodstruck Fiber lash system. I mean, seriously, I sometimes I have a hard enough time getting my everyday mascara to go on right..having two tubes of the stuff to contend with seemed like certain doom but hey, like I said, I was thrilled and have always wanted beautiful, long, dark lashes. Those covergirls with the sooty eyes all over the television have always had my envy.

So, my first crack at the Moodstruck duo went surprisingly well. Armed with my nifty eyebrow brush ( you may or may not need one but I like to have one handy just in case) and my Maybelline mascara I headed into the bathroom for my test run. Following the instructions closely, so I didn't make a disaster of a first attempt, I applied a coat of my everyday wear mascara first and then opened up my fiber lash duo.

Inside I found two tubes, one containing theTransplanting Gel and the other containing the Fibers.

A nifty trick I learned while using this product was to hold both tubes in one hand with both tops unscrewed so I could move quickly with the fibers while the transplanting gel was still wet. It was so, so, much easier than having to put one down, apply, put that one down and apply again. This little trick helped keep the transplanting gel fresh so the fibers could really stick once I applied them and they didn't just fall off in a mess on my cheeks like I'd read in other reviews. 

One really important step that you absolutely cannot forget, ladies, is to reapply the transplanting gel to your lashes after applying the fibers. If you don't the fibers will just come right off. In my case I forgot briefly on one eye while trying to get the other perfect and had the fibers fall into my eye and irritate it pretty bad. So, you definitely want to remember that crucial step so you can lock in the fibers!

My results?

Don't mind the fuzzy eyebrows. They've been a bit neglected lately. Also, keep in mind, this is just two coats of the Moodstruck Fiber Lash system. Can you imagine how much more length and volume my lashes could have had if I had applied, say, 2 or so more coats? I'd be in lash heaven.

This product is a bit pricey, about $30, for gals like me who are dabbling with cosmetics and still learning the ropes, but for you ladies who are serious about your cosmetics it's worth every penny. Heck, even as frugal as I can sometimes be, I might even put up the cash just to have my lashes look this great ALL the time.

I've had so much run with this review and can honestly say I would recommend it to any one of my lady friends. Heck, I'd recommend it to strangers on the street given half the chance. It really is that good. It just takes a bit of patience and there's definitely a learning curve but it's worth it when the compliments start rolling in, so, don't keep waiting.

Put your order in with my amazing representative, Karen, on the link above for this amazing lash duo TODAY! She can answer any questions you may have and get you all set up to receive your Moodstruck 3-D Fiber Lash kit today!

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