Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Accessorize Your Spirits This Holiday Season with Fiber Art Accents by Thalia! Review and #giveaway US 11/23

I adore cold weather and all the trappings that come with it. Boots, sweaters, gloves, scarves and those adorable little knit berets! Be still my heart! Unfortunately, living in Florida, we have very few opportunities to indulge in yummy seasonal clothing like our northern neighbors do. This year I found a wonderful way to get around a part of my dilemma. We were sent three delightful fiber necklace scarves with jewelry accents to review for the Holiday Gift Guide. They are created by artisan Thalia Dickson and I must say they are truly fabulous!
Fiber Art Accents creator and designer is Thalia Dickson, a single mother to a beautiful daughter she adopted from China in 2002. After many years working in the corporate world, she decided it was time to explore her artist’s spirit. Her love of unique fiber arts and jewelry making led her to the idea of combining the two. The result was Fiber Art Accents, a line of unique fiber and ribbon jewelry scarves. The motto for her shop is ‘Accessorize Your Spirit’. She designs her scarves for all women who want something just a little bit different to express their individuality and spirit!
To say these wonderful scarves are unique is an understatement. I have never seen anything like them and after all my years on this planet, that's saying something. The slightly hippy-ish boho design of the scarves I chose speak to my spirit and make me feel younger and carefree again. They're somewhat lighter than a traditional scarf making them perfect for Florida winters or, in the case of a colder climate, ideal for office or evening wear.   I tend to wear a lot of black and these lovely scarves add some color in a way that I'm very comfortable with. I love the way the individual fibers and ribbon move with me and the charm is an interesting touch that speaks of who I am or where my interests lie.

 Can't you just see yourself in either the beautiful Star of David scarf or whimsical Christmas scarf with it's adorable snowflake charm at that special holiday party this year? Well, two of our readers will have a chance to do just that because Fiber Art Accents has given us one of each to award to two lucky readers! One winner will receive the Star of David scarf and the other winner will receive the Christmas scarf!

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  1. CONNIE SOWARDS commenting: Oooh, I like so many of them! If I have to choose one, I'd choose the Blue Dragonfly Necklace Scarf because I have a beautiful sweater that it would compliment perfectly!

  2. Silver Snowflake Necklace Scarf, Winter Snowflake Scarf Charm Necklace, Black and White Fringe Scarf, Christmas Scarf, Ribbon Scarf

  3. I like the Abalone Shell Dolphin Necklace Scarf!