Friday, November 14, 2014

Uncover Something Wonderful with Home Decor from Anastasia's Artifacts! Review and #giveaway US 11/24

Not too many years ago I was a self-proclaimed Christmas hater. That's right, I said it, a Christmas hater. From the moment Thanksgiving was over I turned into one of the biggest scrooges around. I hated the way Christmas seemed to ooze from every crack and crevice, the way everyone seemed to always be so cheerful all the dang time and most of all I loathed Christmas carols. There were times when I swear I would have traded broken glass in my ears over the sickening cheer of Christmas carols blaring over every radio station in the car, the grocery store and worst of all, my home.

With so many years of hating Christmas under my belt it was easy for me to pinpoint when exactly the searing hatred of Christmas was replaced with a warmer feeling of Christmas spirit. It was the Christmas after my oldest daughter, Sophia, was born and instead of shrinking away from Christmas I embraced it. My precious bebe girl was 8 months old that Christmas and I was so filled with love for her that it completely overode everything else. I was a madwoman on the internet when it came to Christmas shopping. I purchased 1st Christmas EVERYTHING. From her dress to meet Santa to her 1st tree ornament I was obsessed with Christmas. Heck, those Christmas carols that I couldn't stand, I was muttering those under my breath to her while rocking her to sleep at bedtime! I had gone from loathing the holiday to embracing it wholeheartedly in no time at all. I even helped decorate our tree that year.

Speaking of decorating for the holidays, boy, do I have some news for you. It's about a little etsy shop by the name of Anastasia's Artifacts.

"Anastasia's Artifacts strives to put a fresh spin on home decor. Anastasia actively ponders ways to transform ordinary items so the resulting products--which push the boundaries of its original purpose--are not only delightful, but also durable and reusable. She began sewing and crafting with her mother at an early age, but first began selling her creations in Fall of 2013. Knowing others share her love for the unusual is what keeps her crafting! 
Anastasia's Artifacts offers a range of seasonal home decor items from front door wreaths to candle holders and napkin rings to place card holders."

Anastasia is another fresh new face in this year's Gift Guide and joined our team of amazing sponsors by jumping in head first and sending out a treasure trove of her handmade items for me to review for our Home Decor section!

I was sent Anastasia's HoHoHo! Santa Wreath, a Set of Christmas Lights and Pine Napkin Rings, and a pair of her Resuable Candy Cane Candle Holders with co-coordinating Candles.

There's just something about Wreaths that I've always liked even as a kid and even when I went through my Christmas-makes-me-want-to-vomit phase. I've always seen wreaths as a form of expression, myself. There isn't a rule that says Wreaths have to be limited to Christmas, either. These days it's normal to see someone with a wreath on their door in the middle of March or even July.

When I received the HoHoHo! Santa Wreath from Anastasia's Artifacts I was thrilled. It was the perfect piece to welcome friends and families into our home this holiday season! When I took this lovely door wreath out of its box for the first time I was struck by just how sweet and welcoming Santa would look to those arriving at our front door. Go on, just look at what a gentle face that is! and don't you just love the way the berry branches are incorporated into the grapevine! I seriously could not have picked a better wreath to represent the holiday spirit for all those who enter my home this Christmas. HoHoHo! indeed! You can check out Anastasia's fabulous wreaths here.

Another lovely addition to our Christmas decor are these beautiful Christmas Lights and Pine Napkin Rings. I can't wait for our Christmas dinner so I can show these off to my family and gloat (silently) about how my dinner table will put theirs to shame for the first time. Can you tell we have just a touch of sibling rivalry? Oh, how I love the charm of the Christmas Lights with the sprig of Pine design! One of my favorite things about these is that the bulbs are completely shatter-proof, meaning that I don't have to worry if one gets dropped or if one of my heathens grabs one while the adults are busy socializing! The beveled napkin rings are natural and unfinished wood and have a 1-1/4" wide surface area and a diameter of 1 1/2" with the slot for the napkin being 1".

Last but not least and a must have for every table this Christmas, Reusable Candy Cane Candle Holders! I just can't get over how clever these Candle Holders are.
I love seeing how ordinary objects that we take for granted, like these candy canes we see every year, can be turned into something completely different. Upcycling is amazing! Made from green, white and red plastic candy canes and tied together using decorative wired ribbon, these cute candle holders are secured by custom craft foam tubes designed to make the holders not only reusable but to also fit 3/4" thick taper candles! Unlike using real candy canes to make your holders, this plastic version is a wonderful alternative that guarantees sugar craving buggers, storage or heat won't ruin them! Each candle holder measures 6" tall and 5" wide at the base and come with two coordinating candles. It doesn't get much better than that!

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If those gorgeous artifacts weren't enough to make you love Anastasia's Artifacts then the generosity of the lovely proprietress will: Anastasia has decided that you faithful fans are so great that she has donated a $25 Gift Card to her shop for one of you lucky ducks to win! How fabulous is that?!

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  1. CONNIE SOWARDS commenting: My favorite item on Anastasia's Artifacts is the Stunning Glittery Purple Poinsettia Wreath! It is so cheery and beautiful!

  2. I love the wreaths! I need one for my front door.

  3. I LOVE THE Berry Elegant Winter Wreath - Christmas Wreath

  4. I like the Candy Land - Sugar Coated Gumdrops Snowflake Votive Candles!