Saturday, December 6, 2014

Give Your Little One the Gift of Peaceful Sleep with Quilted Nap Mats from JanieBee! 12/14

A few posts back I confessed to bed sharing with my two bebe's and how I was able to, finally, start transitioning my oldest into a fabulous new Nap time bed. Well, I'm pleased to say we've had a substantial amount o success and Sophia frequently takes her naps on her pillow bed and not in bed with Mama and her baby sister. It's a big step in the right direction and by this time next year I hope to have her fully transitioned and sharing a bunk bed with Desmond! Until then I'll continue working with Sophie on breaking our bed sharing habits but most importantly I'll also be working with Desi since she's still very attached to my side also.

I was recently given the opportunity to work with JanieBee Quilted Nap Mats and was sent one of their wonderful products to review for myself or, rather, Desmond.

"Taught to quilt and sew by her grandmother as a young girl, RenĂ© Harmon's passion for original designs never dwindled. From this dedication the Janiebee Quilted Nap Mat was born, a piece that will turn your sweetheart's afternoon slumber into a bundle of comfort. Crafted from only the finest materials and able to be personalized, it will last throughout the years—memory by memory."

Can you guess how lucky I felt; not one but two of my babies now had a transitional bed that I could work with them on switching from my bed to their own! I was tickled pink when my Nap Mat arrived in this adorable Forest design.

Crafted from multi coordinating fabrics in Pink, Hot Pink, Green, Black, and Aqua, this particular design was perfect for Desi. She's not your typical frills and lace baby as her sister was before her so when picking out fabrics and clothing we do tend to stay on the simpler side of things which is why this design was so well suited to her. Could that flower print by Michael Miller along with the Chevron and Polka Dots be any cuter?

Each of Janiebee's Nap Mats are made here in the USA with 2" of thick, soft, batting for comfortable napping, attached 48" Minky Blanket and Pillow with cover. It's also sized generously, measuring 21" wide x 53" long, so whether or not you have a 2 year old or a 6 year old, you can rest assured they'll have plenty of room.

Ever since I first unrolled the Nap Mat for Desi I haven't had to beg or plead for her to lay down for night-night anymore. She's all too happy to flop down on the soft, cushy, mat and run her hands over the blanket as she winds down for her nap.

One of my favorite features that this Nap Mat has is that when it's not in use it can be rolled up, secured by attached ties and stored easy. Our shared bedroom is a little tight on space these days so space saving options are always valued in my book.

It even has a matching shoulder strap for easy carrying in the event of a sleepover/slumber party! I would definitely recommend this to my fellow Mama's, with two thumbs up. Whether you're transitioning from your bed to theirs or just needing a quiet place for your bebe's to nap, you can't go wrong with JanieBee's Quilted Nap Mats. They come designs for both Girls and Boys as well as in Gender Neutral so you have plenty of great options to choose from. Best of all, they're 100% machine washable so should it get a bit dingy you can just pop it in the washer and know that it won't be damaged; not while being so expertly crafted.

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