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Posies in My Pocket Ornament Review and #flash giveaway! US 12/24

Decorating our Christmas Tree has always been a source of enjoyment for me. Once a year, when all the children have gone to bed, we drag out the old faux tree and the grownups start the decorating process. We make the trip up into the attack and unpack all of our vintage ornaments and set to work. After a few hours, because we're a family of perfectionists and every bulb, light and strand of tinsel has to be hung just so, we've got a tree that we can be proud of and since the kids are all in bed we don't have to fear for the longevity of our tree..that is, until morning when the little heathens wake up and realize it's there and that it's pretty and shiny and they should start touching everything. We love our babies but we're realistic and know that they're at the naughty stages of their development so all our decorating, of any kind, is always done at night after they've gone to bed. This ensures that, at least for a little while, our lovely tree and it's vintage, generations old, ornaments stay intact for as long as possible.

This year as part of our Holiday Gift Guide Milkwasted was given the opportunity to review for Posies in my Pocket and feature one of their lovely Burlap Ornaments in the For the Holidays section. I was so excited to add in an ornament of my very own to our Christmas tree. Since most of our ornaments had come from my Mama and from her Mama before her it was a wonderful feeling to be able to add in something for my own little family.

I couldn't have been more happy with the way our ornament turned out and while it's too late to put in an order for this year I know my readers will find something wonderful when visiting Posies in My Pocket. Lacie, the wonderful creator behind this fabulous shop, was so easy to talk to when discussing my personalized ornament. Her responses were quick and the ornament arrived quickly as well.

"Lacie started selling Christmas ornaments in her Etsy shop in 2011.  After having her first baby in 2009, she spent a lot of time searching for the right thing to be able to stay home with her daughter and still be able to make a decent income.  With her love for crafts and woodwork ever since she was just a little girl, and her experience with graphic design, she was able to design some unique Christmas ornaments that has kept her busy over the years and has allowed her to be able to stay home with her two children.  She finds great satisfaction in being able to make things that a person will cherish forever and in some cases brings tears to their eyes.  She has a great love for being in the outdoors, playing with her kids and just spending any quality time with her family."

One of my favorite things about this particular ornament was the craftsmanship and durability.

Unlike most of our glass and clay made ornaments, Lacie makes each of her ornaments entirely by hand and from wood, so there's no chance for accidental breaking while packing or unpacking and if one of my mischievous littles decides to get their sticky little fingers on it I won't have a heart attack. I couldn't think of a better 1st family ornament to trust my heathens with if I tried!

I know I mentioned that Lacie won't be taking orders again until after January 2nd but did I also mention that Lacie also has an adorable 2nd shop where she sells her sweet Baby Month Stickers? If you or a loved one/friend is expecting a new addition in the New Year then I'd definitely recommend taking a peak over at My Sweet Baby Cake where in addition to Month Stickers, Lacie also sells her Birthday Signs, Wall Art and more!

Whether your looking to find the perfect Ornament for next years tree or looking to chronicle a little ones journey from the womb to your arms, Lacie has something that is sure to leave you with a smile!

Better still, she even takes CUSTOM ORDERS!

You can connect with Lacie at Posies for My Pocket and My Sweet Baby Cakes on Facebook and make sure you never miss an update!

Now, Lacie has been very generous and has granted me the permission to let you all in one a great little bit of news: She's decided to give one of you lucky readers the chance to win a $30 Gift Certificate to use towards an Ornament from Posies for My Pocket! How cool is that? Come this time next year you'll have yourself a beautiful new ornament to show off to friends and family!

Just get those entries in on the Rafflecopter form below and Stay tuned!

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