Thursday, December 18, 2014

True Callings Unique Ceramics and Gifts Tart Warmer Review!

There's nothing that says the holidays are near than that of a house filled with scents of the season! Whether it be pine, cinnamon, baked goods or a yummy baked ham, there isn't a scent stemming from Thanksgiving to Christmas that I don't love to have wafting throughout my home. One of my favorite ways to achieve the permeation of said scents into every corner of my house is the burning of candles or melting of wax tarts via Warmers. There's nothing better, in my opinion, than the slow burning of a good soy candle or soy tart as you go about your daily routine or in my case settle down at the trusty old laptop and satisfy the urge to create or work through the art of writing.

So, when I was given the chance to work with True Callings Unique Ceramics and Gifts to include them in the For the Home section of our Holiday Gift Guide and review one of their beautiful, hand-crafted, Warmers I was more than a little excited.

Before I go into my review check out what Stephanie, the creative mind and ceramics master, has to say about her background and business:

"I have been working with clay for 20 years. I first started when my mother placed me in a clay class when I was 10. I think it is a neat material because there are really no limitations. The clay can take any form imaginable. Clay allows the imagination to come to life in 3-D. The creatures I create look like they could almost turn their heads and have a conversation with someone.

Each piece is one of a kind because they are all handmade. I hand build and paint/glaze all the pieces.  My husband helps me as well. He helps glaze and paint the creations. He also helps with the more technical side of the business, such as running the kiln, adding mechanical parts to various pieces and he is a wiz at the computer. We started the business almost 5 years ago.  We go all over Oklahoma doing art shows and festivals."  

I was sent one of Stephanie's Dragonfly Tart Warmers  to review. Although similar in design to the one advertised, my Dragonfly Tart warmer is multi-colored and the dragonfly design is purple, as you can see in the picture below. If you think the picture is absolute perfection then you should see this Tart Warmer in person. The blue and pink speckled design, although less vibrant in the photo than in person, is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen and perfectly suits my tastes. It also has a place of high honor on our dining room sideboard.

Measuring 6" tall, the Dragonfly Tart Warmer by True Callings is crafted using the hand slip casting method and then painted by hand. It, along with all of Stephanie's Warmers, come complete with electrical components and 25 Watt bulb. It was such a snap to put together once it arrived in the mail that I was able to set it up and start enjoying my very first Soy Tart, in this warmer, within a 30 minute time frame. The scent of Apple Cinnamon was sneaking into every corner of our home in no time flat! 

 If you're looking for a unique gift for someone this holiday season then I highly recommend heading over to True Callings Unique Ceramics and Gifts and taking a look at their lovely seasonal collection! With a wide selection of darling Creatures, Holiday Goodies and Home Decor items to choose from there's sure to be something for everyone on your list within their stock of unique, hand crafted items!

You can also connect with True Callings on Etsy|Facebook|Pinterest to make sure you never miss an update!


  1. CONNIE = Rose

    I think the Dragonfly Tart Warmer is adorable! I also like the Butterfly Kitchen Ceramic Canister Set and the Bunnyfly Ceramic Sculpture. The Bunnyfly is so whimsical and makes me smile!

  2. I've never heard of a tart warmer, but I really like the dragonfly design.